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What does it mean when you have a burning pain in your chest

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Heartburn can often feel like a hot burning sensation just under your breastbone area,or it cold be a heart attack.ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-have-a-burning-pain-in-your-chest ]
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Can you suggest any useful treatments for burning pain in chest??
Chest pain may occur due to various reasons such as cardiac, acid reflux, psychological problem.Changes of lifecycle and diet will reduce burning chest pain problem. So follow some valuable tips which are useful for you. Consume food slowly...
How can i stop a burning pain on my skin just under my chest??
Try some alveria. It migh help, but then go to the doctor as soon as you rcan. It could be serious.. GOod luck
What can be done to prevent burning pain in the chest??
To prevent burning pain in the chest: (i) Eat small frequent meals, 5 or 6 per day instead of 2 or 3 large meals. Avoid drinking large amounts of fluids with meals. (ii) Avoid foods that cause gas and spicy or greasy foods. (iii) Do not eat...

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What does it mean if I have chest pain when I run?
Q: I've been having these pains since I was in middle school. When I'm in shape(like through sports) they get better but has always hurted when I ran, just not as much. It's like the longer I run the worse the pain gets. I niether smoke or drink as well. For some reason, I can't seem to convince my doctor that it's serious.So is he wrong or am I wrong.Also, I went to my family doctor and told him about it twice. He said it could be heaart burn and he suggested that I cut down on drinking milk. He was wrong and he says don't worry about it but it's not like it's mild pain, it hurts right in the middle of my chest and feels like I got punched there or something.
A: Babe, it's just like going to a lawyer....don't go to just one or two and think you got the exact and only answer. Go to another physician, until you feel like you are being LISTENED to.
what dose it mean when you have ,sharp burning pain in your left arm,and numbness?
Q: pain all down my left side starting from my head,along with a feeling of disoriantation.from time to time ,chest pain
A: You need to see a doctor, you may have a clogged artery. If you don't this may lead to heart attack or stroke.
What does it mean when I get chest pain?
Q: I will get random chest pains throught the day on both sides.. and sometimes it really hurts...any thoughts on what it could be besides heart burn?
A: Worst case? Unstable angina. Which can be a very strong warning sign of an impending heart attack, which could mean you could die from sudden cardiac death at any time. Not trying to scare you, but that's the truth.How likely that is is hard to say, because you didn't mention how old you are, what your lifestyle is like, whether you smoke, whether you have a family history of heart disease, etc.Chest pain that cannot be explained is always a medical emergency. And needs to be evaluated as soon as possible to rule out the most serious and immediately life threatening possibilities.I'd suggest if you don't know what is causing it, that you get to the emergency room as soon as possible, So they can rule out an impending heart attack or something. And then you go from there.

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