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What does it mean when it burns to pee

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If you feel a burning sensation when you pee, it may be a urinary tract infection, so should see a doctor. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-it-burns-to-pee ]
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Depends on what you did before peeing. Sometimes there's irritation after sex or vigorous activity. It can also be a sign of a bladder or urinary tract infection. If it's been happening for more than a day, you should probably see a doctor....
If you are a girl, it most likely means you have a urinary tract infection. See your doctor soon for antibiotics! If left untreated, it can develop into a kidney infection for which you will need to be hospitalized. Meanwhile, cranberry jui...
Aw, I havent seen you in ages! I like your q's :o) It means you have a problem! best see someone about that.

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What does it mean when it burns when you pee and it feels like you have to pee all the time?
Q: When i was pregnant and about between 6-8 months and it burned to pee and it felt like i had to pee all the time. I went to the hospital and they said it was not anything and i just need to drink more water. So i went home and it went away the next day. Well now my baby is a month old and i started to get that burning pee again like i did when i was pregnant. Should i go to the doctor or might it just be the same think and just drink more water?
A: sounds like a urinary tract infection. buy some of the AZO or Uristat tablets. they work well. also drink lots of water & stay away from sodas / tea.
What does it mean when you take a pee in the morning and it burns?
Q: Not only did it kind of burn, the pee came out really cloudy. And it keeps feeling like I haft to pee again after I already did. What does that mean? Does anybody know...? I'm kinda scared here...I'd appreciate it alot iff somone would let me know...Thank you so much.
A: You have a urinary tract infection, dear. I sympathize. Some other symptoms are fever and a strong odor from your urine.You'll need to go to the doctor where they'll perform a dip test and subscribe an antibiotic. They'll then send out the urine and get a culture to determine the exact kind of infection you have; when the culture comes back (generally about 48 hours) they may or may not perscribe a different antibiotic if the first one won't kill your infection. Start taking the meds. immediately and take them all the way though. Also, stock up on cranberry juice, it often helps me relieve the pressure.Good luck, sweetie.
What does it mean when your vagina burns while you pee?
Q: When I pee it burns really bad.
A: You probably have yeast infection or a bladder infection. You need to go to a doctor, they will have you give them a urine sample to test it to verify what you have.

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