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What does it mean if my poop floats

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Conventional medical wisdom attributes Floaters to the amount of fat in your poop. Also gas helps it float. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-my-poop-floats ]
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What does it mean if your poop floats?
It is actually good that your poop floats it means you have been eating light foods!! or it could mean it has been in your body a long time.....or both!!!
What does it mean if some of my poop floats and some of it sinks??
Hi i hope this helps Don't know much about you sooo.... Vegetarians should have floating poop - veges produce gas that get caught in the poop, making the poop lighter than water. Big meat and junk food eaters will often have floaters too. T...
Is the poop supposed to sink or float? What is it supposed to mea...?
yikes, I have a reputation now?? thanks, Kare! I will have everyone know that I just posted the info that someone else had shared with me. I have no personal expertise (except in how to insert suppositories and do an enema and give mineral...

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What does it mean when poop floats on top of water in the toilet?
Q: does it mean i am losing weight? mine usually sinks to the bottom i am concerned
A: its all the fat you have consumed in your diet... its a good thing
What does it mean when your poop floats?
Q: It can't be that I'm eating too much fat, I hardly eat any. Is it true that eating fiber will make it float?I think I'm eating quite a bit of fiber, maybe more than I need. When you feel gassy but can't go does that mean you're eating too much fiber?
A: I love it when my poo floats.. why are you complaining, i like to pretend I'm a captain of a ship about to find America with my little corn shaped crew and then I stand up and pee on the floater and pretend its a hurricane that we have to over come on this crazy ocean before we can discover America.... you better believe you need to have to wash your hands after fun like that man is it ever a good time.
when your poop floats does that mean you're healthy?
Q: My poop floats every time. And all of my friends poop sink, what does this mean?
A: there is too much fat in your diet. Ease up on the meat and your poop will sink

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