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What causes random itching

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One of the worst culprits of itching is dermatitis, a skin condition caused by anything from laundry detergent to gold that..MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-random-itching ]
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What causes random mosquito-looking bumps on a person, they itch ...?
See a ‘good’ doctor about it and become a ‘good’ doctor yourself is the best advice anyone can give you. Itch and rash problems can either be all nutritional and ‘dryness’ related or partly nutritional plus viral or bacterial or fungal or...

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What causes a random itch where there is no rash , bite or scratch obvious?
A: It may just be dead skin cells that have flaked off. If there's no rash or anything, there's probably nothing to worry about.
What could cause itching on random parts of my body?
A: Allergic reaction or diabetes, and also chronic dry skin.Try bathing in aveeno oatmeal bath. You can get it at wal-mart or any pharmacy.Also they have the aveeno oatmeal bath bar soap that helps as well. Also try aveeno body lotion or St.Ives lotion for extremely dry skin. If you notice that this doesn't help like it should if chronic dry skin the you need to go to your doctor and be tested for diabetes and other disorders. Best wishes.
What causes human itching? and why does scratching that itch feel good?
Q: I was just wondering what causes people to get an itch (i dont mean through rashes,insect bites etc) i just mean a random itch and why does it feel good to scratch it?? scratching without an itch dosen't feel good and can sometimes hurt yet with an itch it can be so good to just scratch that itchy area.This is a serious question so if anyone knows the scientific reason then please let me know but if you just want to tell me your theory then go aheadThanks
A: could be diabetics that is one cause they have for that. also it could be relaxing is tht is what is helped that.

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