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What causes inflamation

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For most people, high-carb, low-protein diets are inflammatory. Common allergens like casein and gluten are quick to spark.. More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-inflamation ]
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What causes inflamation?
How to Locate the Causes of Hidden Inflammation
First, we need to identify the triggers and causes of inflammation. Then we need to help reset the body’s natural immune balance by providing the right conditions for it to thrive. As a doctor, my job is to find those inflammatory factors u...
Can Fibro cause tendon inflamation?
Katie, I've been told that FMS causes your tendons, ligaments, and muscles to become tight. I wrestle with this all the time. I see a massage therapist weekly and still have a lot of problems with this. My muscles have been going into spasm...

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What causes Inflamation of the Liver?
Q: I would like to know what would cause Inflamation of the Live?
A: Virus, there many kinds of virus that can infect the liver signed with inflammation of the liver for first.Hepatitis A, is not most serious than the other, cause can heal perfect.Hepatitis B, is dangerous, can cause cirrhosis in some case (20 % of case hep B). Easy to spread by kiss, tattoo, blood.Hepatitis C, is dangerous, can cause cirrhosis in more case (60 %of case Hep C). Spread By Blood Transfusion.And many type others like Hep D, etc...Mushroom, some kind of mushroom is dangerous for food.alcohol, precipiting for cirrhosis and fatty liver.
What causes inflamation in the human body?
Q: and what is the mechanism?
A: inflammation is a defense mechanism for the body against offending agents, such as trauma, microbes,allergens, malignant cells, cells from the body of other people or animals, heat, cold,....when the offending agent presented to immune system, white blood cells come to the site of attack and release some chemicals to destroy foreign agent,and invite other white cells to the site.they can eat offending agent too, so it will be deactivated and your body will get rid of the threat.
Rectal Inflamation during bowel movements causes a lot of discomfort?
Q: Only yesterday I developed inflamation in the rectum, and can't sit on a chair without having to tilt to one side to easy body weight off my rectum for comfort. During bowel movements, I noticed mild bleeding too and the process of bowel movements causes a lot of discomfort as there is burning. Will drinking milk do some good here, or what is it thats happened to me ? Any help, please ?
A: For information on the treatment of rectal inflammation, visit http://www.imedisearch.com/results.php?cof=FORID%3A11&hq=-buy+-achat+-intitle%3Acheap+-intitle%3Acheapest+-intitle%3A%27ON-LINE%27+-sales+-wholesale+-inurl%3Aorder+-intitle%3Adiscount+-inurl%3Adiscount+-intitle%3Aofficial+-intitle%3Aoffer+-intitle%3Apills+-inurl%3Acost+-inurl%3Abuy+-inurl%3Astore+-inurl%3Apurchase+-inurl%3Aprice+-intitle%3Abuying&q=Rectal+Inflamation&sa=Search&cref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.imedisearch.com%2Fxml%2Fcontextpublic.xml#1281

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