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What causes a muscle twitch under my eye

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A twitch sometimes develops during times of increased stress or could be high caffeine intake, fatigue or excessive squinting. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-a-muscle-twitch-under-my-eye ]
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What Causes The Nerves Or Muscles Below Your Eye To Twitch??
These are called blepharospasms or eye muscle twitches. They can be caused by dry eyes or stress. I also heard on my medical anatomy class that your eyes may twitch if you are low on potassium. Here is a good website with some more informat...
Why does my eye irritation cause my eye muscles to twitch when I ...?
Due to extraction of muscles due to minor brain problem
What causes the eye muscle to twitch? Just below the bottom eyeli...?
It's usually stress or a combination of stress and fatigue. Mine has twitched for 2-3 weeks at times. It might not feel like you're stressed out but if you really think about it, it usually turns out that it's something that's bothering you...

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What can I do about a muscle twitching underneath my eye?
Q: In the last month I've started getting a muscle twitch under my right eye. It's not painful, just annoying, and a bit embarrassing in social situations as I'm afraid people will see it and wonder what is going on.I don't have a lot of stress and get enough sleep. What could be causing it, and what can I do about it? Is there anything I can add to my diet that might help?
A: Could be a magnesium deficiency. There is plenty of magnesium in nuts.
Twitching muscle under the eye and numb right face?
Q: Hi I got this problem that i hope you can help. I have this numb feeling on the right side of the face above the ears, the right jaw and under the eye. theres sometimes a ringing sound but its quite rare. I read that it could be stress, bad posture when using a laptop on the bed, or stroke. I sometimes wake up with a bad neck. For two days theres been twitching of the muscles below the eye. its hardly noticable unless i asked a person to look. I got a habit of rubbing my eye when my fringe pokes my eyes when i sleep. Few months back there was a sharp pain on the right side of the back of the head behind the right ear. I wonder if that could be the cause. I am under a lot of relationship stress and shifting overseas in about a month. i am wondering what could be the problem. the muscle below the eye ( wherethe eye bags are located) twitches. Anyone with similiar problems?
A: I don't think it's anything serious but the bad neck problem could be a sign the your sleeping in a uncomfortable position try not to keep your head in a position where your neck is turned for a long period of time. The twitching muscle below the eye you shouldn't worry about either because that often happens to me and my friends so I think it just another thing inside your body that just happen every now and then. For example, if you try to hold your arms up your hands will shake for a second then it'll stop then shake again.The numb right side of your face that sometimes has a ringing sound I'm not sure of. Did anyone or anything (like a ball) ever hit the right side of your face? Because that could be your answer but it would stop after hurting and making that sound after awhile.
The muscle under my eye wont stop twitching?
Q: Ive been getting enough sleep and im not stressed at all. My diet is regular and under my eye is still twitching. I ts been doing this for like three or four days straight now and wont stop. does anyone knw whats causing it. Thx.
A: Could be a magnesium deficiency and a web search for twitching + magnesium will tell you more.

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