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What can you do to make your period shorter and lighter

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Birth Control that is prescribed by your doctor of health care provider will help shorten your period. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-to-make-your-period-shorter-and-lighter ]
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How can i make my period shorter and lighter??
Heavy exercise - it does it. And yes your food does affect it very much. The reason doctors dissociate food from this is because the pharmacy encourages the market that way they sell more medications. The pharmacy always calls food cures qu...
Is there a way to make your period shorter or lighter??
warm up ur lower part of stomach with hot water bag. u will feel better
How do i make my period lighter and shorter??
It would depend on how severe your problem is. You could talk to your doctor about having a Mirena put inside your uterus. It is a contraceptive device that doctors sometomes use to reduce period flow and number of days. Below is where you ...

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is there a way to make your period shorter or lighter?
Q: so im goin to florida tuesday and i am supposed to be on my period while i am there. is there a way to make it shorter or lighter? i think that i might be anemic because the past couple times i have had it i have passed out when i like stand up for a while or am walking around. i also am always really tired when i am on it and dont want to go anywhere. my period is really heavy to so if i take iron pills will it make my period lighter?
A: I don't think taking iron pills will make your periods lighter. But it seems like it is a supplement you definitely need if you have heavy periods.I have found that buying organic/chemical-free tampons and maxi-pad makes my period both lighter and shorter. Regular tampons and maxi-pads go through a bleaching process and it contains chemicals that make you bleed longer and heavier. When I went from using regular tampons I would have a heavy flow for about 3-5 days. Now that I use organic tampons, I have heavy flow for just one day and it lasts for 3 days and only some spotting for the next two days....It also seems you are dehydrated. You need to drink lots of water and electrolytes.Good luck. I hope this helps.
do birth control pills really make your period shorter and lighter?? and which pill is best?
Q: i am thinking about going on birth control to regulate my periods... do they really make them shorter and lighter? which is the best pill to take to regulate you periods where you only have it 4 times a year?
A: although u want ur periods to get lighter and shorter and to regulate them, the 4 times a year one is NOT healthy...when i had a 13 day period my doc put me on Yaz cuz i had to go to florida... but it stopped 2 days before i even took the first pill.Those things are Not healthy
Does drinking lots and lots of water make the flow of your period lighter and shorter?
Q: I am going to Gatlinburg either Sunday or Monday. I just started my cycle Today, which is Wednesday. Sunday makes 5 days and Monday makes 6 days. I normally stay on between 6-8 days. I wanna make sure that I will be off my period by then. Do you think drinking water will help?? Now, I don't have any birth control pills to try. Plus I am only 15, so I wanna know will drinking lots of glasses a water a day help.
A: it's been said that it does.i'm on birth control and always drink tons of water so i can't tell you for sure if it does. but my periods are insanely lightalso working out is said to shorten and lighten periods. you could always try that as well.hope you find something that workstake care

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