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What can I put on a bee sting to make it stop itching

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Use ibuprofen or acetaminophen for minor pain relief. For tenderness at the site, try a bee-sting swab to dull the pain. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-put-on-a-bee-sting-to-make-it-stop-itching ]
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What Can I Use To Make A Bee Sting Stop Itching?
1. Using the inside of a banana peel placed over the area where you have been stung and hold it there for a few minutes. 2. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply to wasp or hornet sting.
How can I make my bee stings stop itching?
Apply calamine lotion, or betamethasone, or take an antihistamine. With time it will stop by itself. Hope this helps. A bee sting is extremely uncomfortable. Swelling, itch and pain - all in one.
How do i get a bee sting to stop itching? it's making me crazy.??
Take an Asprin, or a Tylenol and crush it up into a chunky powder. Mix a few drops of water into it until it's a think paste, and apply the paste to your foot to stop the itching, burning, and it also removes toxins from the wound.

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How do I get it to stop itching? Why does it itch so bad?
Q: Okay, so I made the mistake of going outside barefoot. I stepped on something. It stung REALLY bad--like a bee sting, but twenty times worse. I don't know what I stepped on. I looked and saw nothing, put ice on it. I've been using Chortisone cream, applied ice, taking an antihistamine, and even tried a baking soda paste. I'm out of remedies. This thing itches so bad it's driving me nuts. It has also swollen slightly and is red. The red is not just around the bottom of my foot, but has gone up the side a little ways. Do I just have to give it time? Any ways to make it stop itching? Any ideas what it was? (I live in Wisconsin, if that helps you think of a type of insect it might have been.) Why does it itch so much more than any other insect sting I've ever had in my life? Is it possible it's infected? I don't have a fever or anything else. Thanks in advance for any help.Thank you for all of the advice. There is no drainage. The redness isn't so much a streak, as a patch.
A: Wet meat tenderizer, use it as a paste on your wound. It was a wasp.
Bee sting on my foot very irritated?
Q: I stepped on a bee like, 2 days ago. We got the stinger out and put some ice on it so it would stop stinging...I looked with a flashlight and I'm pretty sure the whole stinger is out.But then at night the sting sight started itching,and when i scratched it the itching gets a million times worse,it's practically agonizing it's the worst itch I have ever experienced, it almost brought me to tears! The only way I can clam it down to it's normal,half way bearable itch level is to run my foot under cold water until it goes numb.I have tried putting lanacane and benedryl cream on it but it just made it irritated. The sting site is swollen (the arch of my foot) I don't think it's an allergic reaction because if I were allergic to bees the reaction would have been a lot worse I think. But is this normal? And does anyone have any idea what might help stop this maddening itch?Also when the itch starts to really act up,while I'm scratching the sting sit the itch seems to spread to the top of my foot or near my ankle, maybe thats just in my head but it is still extremely itchy!!!!Please help?!
A: You are not allergic. had you been, the itch is the least you would have worried about. While an epipen would be most commonly used, I suggest you don't use it for the time being.The toxin is irritating you. All yu need to to do is dab a little turmeric and coconut oil together and you should be okay in 6 hours and next day, it should be totally gone.NB: Turmeric is extensively researched for its tremendous anti biotic property and used for 5000 years against internal and external toxins in ayurveda, the world's oldest medical treatment method
does putting a penny on a bee sting really help? I NEED HELP FAST! IT REALLY ITCHES!?
Q: i stepped on a bee yesterday and today it itches SO bad! my friend said that if you put a penny on the sting for 15 minutes, the copper won't make it itch anymore. is that true? is there anything else like that that will help for the itch? please help because after bite, stop the itch, and just regular anti-itch creme doesn't work anymore. i really need help fast before i die from the itchyness!! oh yeah and if the thing about the penny is true, how come? what makes it work? ok thanksok guys, just to let you know, im not REALLY going to die. i was joking! cant the 2 people just take a joke?! its just a bee sting! thats what bee stings do! they itch! gosh don't have to get all 'freaky' about it!oh yeah also, i haven't told you any "signs" ive been having! how come the very last guy's saying that my "signs" sound serious?
A: No idea if the penny trick works. I have heard ice directly on the sting will help with insect bite itch.

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