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What can I do that I can do to make the flu go away quicker

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Since it is caused by a virus, You can only make your self comfortable,it will leave in it's on time,There's no shortcut. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-do-that-i-can-do-to-make-the-flu-go-away-quicker ]
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How do u make the flu virus go away faster?
There is no way to end the infection. It will take its course. Just push your fluids and use good hand washing techniques.
Will this year’s flu shot protect my child against the H1N1 virus...?
No, this year your child will need two different types of flu vaccine. The seasonal flu shot will protect your child against three influenza strains, but not against the new H1N1 strain. A separate H1N1 vaccine will be needed to protect you...

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Do colds and flu go away quicker with or without medicine?
Q: Considering that cold and flu medicines only treat symptoms, I was just wondering if they had any affect on the duration of the illnesses. Thanks!
A: The saying is, if you treat your cold it will last for seven days and if you don't treat it, it will last a week.
i have the flu. anything that will make it go away quicker or relieve pain?? :] ***?
Q: I have had itfor 3 days now. The fever has almost gone and so has the heat rashes, but i have a head ache and dry sort of cough that's driving me nuts!! I've been taking cough medicine and asprin but that doesnt seem to do the trick, especially for my cough. help??
A: Man I hate the Flu but 3 days have passed your almost over it, about your cough if you live in a dry air environment try a humidifier to moisten your lungs and nasal passages. Also if your cough dosent let you sleep rub Vicks ointment in your chest at night and on the soles of your feet that helps alleviate the cough. Try the theraputic steps I suggested for your cough you will get better in a short time Vicks ointment isnt the greatest smelling ointment but it does help with decongestion plus also try Halls medicated candy drops. For the pain the only thing you can do is try some Tylenol Flu and just rest get comfy in your bed and rest. Hope you get better, the Flu s*cks I know.
If you have the flu, whats the quickest way to get it to go away, without seeing a doctor?
Q: Good Answers, but...I've had the flu 2 times before...and I did that, none of that worked....the 2nd time the doctor said it could be Fatal if it happended a 3rd time, so...
A: You cannot get rid of a viral infection (flu) quickly. The flu is respiratory. The main thing is to avoid getting a secondary infection so watch out for this. Treatment for flu is lots of fluids, keep warm and rest and eat what you feel like. When I have flu all I want is tinned pineapple. Your body will be making anti-bodies against this virus so if you get the same flu next time your body will be ready. Flu is a good reason to wrap up on the sofa with about 60 great DVD's, a supply of juice and fruit.

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