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What can cause missed periods

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Pregnancy is the most common cause of a missed period. Also, excessive weight loss or gain or increased exercise. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-cause-missed-periods ]
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A lot of things can effect your period being delayed. stre ss, weight loss/gain , your contraception and infections. If your period is late and you have had unprotected sex i recommend taking a home pregnancy test, you can buy them now to t...
um, my BFF didn't find out she was pregnant til she was 6 months along..... i'm just sayin.
My period is 12 days late. I have always had regular periods before. It is physically impossible for me to be pregnant as the last time I had sex was over two months ago and I have had two periods since this. I have done a pregnancy test th...

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Does A bacterial infection in my intestine or gastroenteritis which cause missed periods?
Q: I had blood clots in my bowl movements and now i have missed a period is that normal?
A: They do not sound related. "Blood clots" sounds like hemerrhoids. A missed period could be anything from pregnancy to just not ovulating this month. do a pregnancy test.
Does anyone know if kidney infection can cause missed periods?
Q: If so how would you know if you have a kidney infecction? I have pain in my lower right side of my back plus I have all the cramps and everything of my period..I'm 23 and never had a problem until oct
A: I don't believe a kidney infection can cause missed periods. If you're experiencing this pain and it goes around to your back see your doctor. Better yet go to a walk in clinic if you have to just get it checked out and get the medication needed if it is infact an infection. I had a bladder infection once, they're painful.
What are other reasons besides pregnancy that would cause missed periods?
A: There are so many PCOS, Stress, STD's, Rapid weight gain or loss, Too much exercise, illness (any type of reproductive organs or their hormones illness, other illness, ex knew some one lyme Disease and it affected it), depression, pseudocyesis, stopping Birth control Pill, Ectopic pregnancy, anovulation, some contraceptives (like Depo-Provera, missed ovulation... If you skip more then two go to a doctor.

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