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What are Alcohol Poisoning symptoms

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Signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning include: Confusion, stupor, Vomiting, Seizures, Slow or irregular breathing, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-alcohol-poisoning-symptoms ]
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What Are the Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning?
According to the National Advisory Council on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, these are the critical symptoms of acute alcohol poisoning: If you see someone experiencing the above symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately.
How to Recognize Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms
・ 1 Learn to recognize the most common signs of alcohol poisoning before the victim loses unconsciousness... ・ 2 Determine whether symptoms of alcohol poisoning are present in a person who has already passed out... ・ 3 Watch to see whether ...
Could this be a symptom of alcohol poisoning?
Alcohol only stays in your system for about a day, so no this isn't alcohol poisoning. When I had alcohol poisoning, I vomited uncontrollable, had pale skin, don't remember anything, couldn't stand on my own, etc. For you to feel the effect...

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What are the symptoms for alcohol poisoning?
Q: Symptoms for alcohol poisoning, what are they and how do you find them?
A: any of the following -throwing up. passing out. slow shallow breathing. discoloration.
what are the symptoms of alcohol poisoning?
Q: yeah i tried looking them up but my computer is being stupid and only letting me open yahoo. my friend got drunk last night and threw up about 7 or 8 times today and she just doesn't look good. do you think she might have alcohol poisoning?
A: If in doubt, take her to the hospital. It is better to be safe than sorry. Alcohol poisoning is very serious and can kill. Symptoms include: * Slow, shallow, or irregular breathing * Difficulty awakening the person * No withdrawal from painful stimuli (for instance from pinching) * Unconsciousness (passing out) * Absent reflexes * Seizures * Confusion, stupor * Vomiting * Blue-tinged skin or pale skin * Low body temperature (hypothermia)
alcohol poisoning symptoms
Q: i have a friend who has been drinking aton during the last two days and tonight i noticed his lips are turning a dark color. could this be because the wine may not have been stored properly or could it be alcohol poisoning. i looked up the symptoms and it said the skin turning a blue color so would his lips turning bluish be considered alcohol poisoning?
A: The problem is that symptoms come and go and are not all that obvious to a casual observer. The problem is that alcohol is essentially a depressant, which interferes with your nervous system. If the level gets high enough, your nervous system ceases to operate and you can die. The most common cause for people ending up dead is aspirating vomit. The person throws up and because there is little to no gag reflex left at that point, they literally breathe in the vomit into their lungs and drown. Turning blue comes from suppressing lung functions so much that the person is not breathing enough to keep the blood oxygenated enough to keep external tissues supplied, and the lips are the first part of the body to turn blue from lack of oxygen that you can readily see. By the time you are really in serious trouble, your nervous system is so depressed that symptoms are also suppressed and you do not see anything other than a falling down drunk who is slurring his speech.

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