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Is poison ivy contagious from person to person

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Spreading the actual plant oil/resin is contagious but the rash itself is not contagious and does not spread. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-poison-ivy-contagious-from-person-to-person ]
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Is poison oak contagious from person to person?
It is only contagious if you have the urushiol oil left on your hands. i found this answer on a poison ivy,oak, and sumac information site. hope this helps!
Is Poison Ivy contagious?can it be spred from person to person??
Yes and no. Poison Ivy has a protein that fools the body into thinking it has and infection. Anywhere the protein is spread the body reacts as it would under an infection. So if you rub the protein off yourself onto another person their bod...
Is poison ivy contagious from one person to another??
But the object that contacted the poison ivy is contagious. So if a ball rolled throught the poison ivy, that ball still has resin on it and will spread it. My daughter has it right now. She's highly allergic. I never get it, but she has ha...

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Can poison ivy be contagious from person to person or just if you come into contact with the plant itself?
Q: I have it but am concerned about wether or not my infant can get it from me
A: You need to wash all of your clothes, take a very thorough shower, and make sure nothing that touched the plant comes in contact with your infant. Your infant cannot get it directly from you- it is not contagious except for direct contact. Your sores are only your bodies allergic reaction to the resin, eliminate the resin and your infant won't have any reaction. Be thorough though- wash all of your clothes, sheets, and towels- having poison oak that youung is not fun and it will make him or her more succeptible to poison oak later on in life
is poison ivy contagious from person to person?
A: Only if you have not washed the area with soap and water. Even then you would have to have a lot of the plant oil on your skin and extensive contact (ie. constant, continuous rubbing) for it to transfer to another person.
Is poison ivy contagious from one person to the other if they touch the infected area?
A: Yes, if the oil from the poison ivy plant hasn't been washed off the infected persons clothes, shoes, body. The oil can pass from clothes of the infected person to another person, same as person to person.

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