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Is milk bad for a upset stomach

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Milk actually causes the stomach to become more acidic. Try 7up or gingerale instead to help an upset stomach. ~ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-milk-bad-for-a-upset-stomach ]
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Does milk help an upset stomach?
I love a glass of very cold milk but sometimes it makes me double over in stomach shock. The sudden pain goes away as fast as it comes but I have learned to let it sit for a few minutes out of the fridge and the shock does not seem to hit m...
Does drinking milk help an upset stomach?
No. Lactose only upsets one's stomach more with a stomach ache. Stay away from cheese, ice cream, milk, milk/white chocolate etc. Wrong. Milk neutralizes stomach acid and in doing so helps.
Is soda and milk make you upset stomach?
You mean "does soda and milk make your stomach upset? In that case, not really. I've had them both this week, ice cream and coke and felt fine. I would guess that if someone has that combination the culprit would be the milk because s...

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why does skim milk make my stomach upset but 2% doesnt?
Q: I am not truly lactose intolerant but I do get a bad stomach ache after drinking skim milk, when I drink 2% Im fine (I drink it almost everyday) why is this? Is there a higher level of lactose in skim milk or does the fat in 2% help balance the lactose? Just curious because I am trying to lose weight and just cannot seem to give up my 2% milk.
A: I have the same problem.
why does chocolate milk give me an upset stomach?
Q: i just drank some chocolate milk, and about 2 minutes later my stomach started to hurt really bad and i had to go to the bathroom. this happens basically everytime i have chocolate milk, and sometimes with just chocolate too. i'm not really sure what it is though, any ideas?it happens when i drink milk fairly often. mostly 2 or 1 %. i started drinking soy milk a while ago cuz i was tired of the stomach pains.
A: It sounds like it's the milk and not just the chocolate, if you ask your doctor they can do a simple blood test to rule out if you are allergic to diary/milk.
I'm lactose intolerant, but soy milk upsets my stomach also?
Q: Is there something in soy milk that could be upsetting my stomach like regular milk does? I know there's no lactose, but I seem to be having the same effects, if not worse. The vanilla just upsets my stomach, but the chocolate does that and gives me a headache.As a side note, has anyone had these same effects and switched to another brand that didn't give you any problems? If so, which brand worked for you?Thank you so much!
A: I am in the same boat and I use Rice milk. I like the almond flavor in my cereal. The chocolate is good too. You can find it a a Whole Food store or a regular grocery store in the organic section. I like it.

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