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Is bronchitis or a sinus infection contagious

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Most cases of bronchitis are caused by viral infections and are contagious. The colds that cause sinus infections are contagious. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-bronchitis-or-a-sinus-infection-contagious ]
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Is it sinus infection or Bronchitis?
Do you have allergies? Some of that sounds more like allergies. I don't have allergies, but I'm prone to getting sinus infections and bronchitis. For me, the bronchitis tends to last longer then the sinus infections, and they're defined by...
What causes recurrent bronchial infections?
Taking Kyolic Aged Garlic capsules (no odor) and Echinacea capsules have helped me battle a sinus infection. Also, A nettie pot used twice a day helps alot and is also good to continue using as a prevenative measure.
Could it be a second round of bronchitis, allergies, or sinus inf...?
If you feel it in your lungs its likely bronchitis or pneumonia and you should go get listened to and possibly an xray immediately before it gets out of hand.

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If someone thought they had a reg sinus infection went to the doc turns out its bronchitis is it contagious ?
Q: This idiot came to my house and spent the night after I warned no one can come over sick as my 21 month old gets seizures every time she is the least bit ill. This was 5 days ago. She is showing no signs. What do I look for ???
A: some forms of bronchitis are contagious but your baby would have trouble breathing by now if it was. I have Chronic Bronchitis and it is very very rarely contagious cause the form I have is like asthma.
How not to get sick?? 10 points best answer?!?!?
Q: um. well my sister just found out yesterday that she has a sinus infection and bronchitis. I was wondering, is bronchitis contagious? i dont share drinks or anything with her. i stay away from her anyway. but, im scared im gonna get sick. what are something i can do to NOT get sick? i already take a multivitaim. Thanks for the help.
A: i dont think that bronchitis is contagious. if your're worried that you might catch something from herthen dont put your hands anywhere near your face. even to itch your nose.When you itch your nose you have germs on your hands that you inhale into your system. that can get you sick.and obviously just wash your hands before you eat.
URI/Bronchitis for 5 days, am i still contagious?
Q: okay, here we go..i started to get a cough friday night, thought nothing of it. Saturday it got worse, sunday got a stuffed nose and a 101 temp which i just brought down with some motrin and then took some Robitussin. monday started having trouble breathing, started to feel like i was drowning in mucus and became very disoriented (which i blamed on the robitussin). but i dont have health insurance anymore so i was just going to tough it out. yesterday i called in to work. it became nearly impossible to breath later in the day and my throat was so sore from the uncontrollable coughing that i had to struggle to drink even water. so finally i broke down and went to the urgent care clinic (cheaper than a trip to the ER) and he said i had a URI (upper respiratory infection) which turned into bronchitis and also a severe ear infection and a sinus infection from blowing my nose.so yeah, i would say im pretty sick and no doubt i should have gone sooner. he said it hasnt turned into pneumonia yet and prescribed me with Amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium tablets (a giant horse pill that is very difficult to swallow with my throat in this condition...), cetirizine, and said to just take a decongestant and expectorant for my sinuses and the phlegm. so, finally - my question is since i just started the meds last night, am i still contagious? i forgot to ask the doc and i have work tomorrow and am just wondering if i need to call in again... today will be the 6th day of being sick..all help is appreciated, thanks.i called in for tomorrow, will friday be good enough? i dont feel too rough now, its just the coughing and sinuses that bother me at the moment.
A: I just recently got over bronchitis. I had it for about three weeks. And the doctor told me I was still contagious even if I'm taking my medicine.

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