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If you have had the swine flu can you get it again

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Yes, all viral infections can re-surface due to adverse condition which include food, environment, etc. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-have-had-the-swine-flu-can-you-get-it-again ]
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Can you get the Swine flu again after you've already had it??
Yes, due to the constant mutations of the virus - a body cannot build an immunity to influenza in general. The previous infections in the 1970's were completely different than the infection today.
Can you get the Swine Flu again if you already had it??
If you have had a specific strand of the Swine Flu, you cannot get that specific strand of the swine flu again because your body's immune system has adapted to specifically fight off the specific strand of the Swine Flu that you got.

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Have I caught swine flu again?
Q: I need some advice, i had swine flu about a mouth ago and i've started to get some swine symptoms again just today. I'm worried that i may have caught it again but then i read that you can't get swine flu twice! :-(what is going on here?
A: You can't get swine flu again unless the virus mutates and another strain evolves. It's unlikely that this has happened already. We all get up to 7 viruses a year, particularly in the winter, you have likely picked up another viral infection.
Can you catch Swine Flu again once you've had it?
Q: I contracted a very serious case of Swine Flu two weeks ago and have only just really recovered. I am due to return to university in a week's time and just wondered if it is possible to catch Swine Flu again, even if you've already had it, as I assume there will be a rise in cases when schools/universities start again. Am I immune/in any other way protected from contracting it again? Any answers would be greatly appareciated, thanks.
A: You cannot catch the same strain again. Your body builds up an immunity. Kinda like you cannot get the chicken pox once you had them. If you get the flu shot, you most likely will not get the flu with that strain of virus, but you can get another type. So, you are safe, as long as there is not another strain of swine flu floating around.
Is it possible I had swineflu? & Can you get it more than once?
Q: So about 3 weeks ago I was sick (I assumed it was from standing in the rain for about 2 hours). My symptoms were, stuffy nose, slight headaches, slight fever/chills, sore throat, feeling the need to cough but I didn't have to, and lower back pain (which I never get with a regular cold). I never went to the doctors or anything, I just drank alot of water, got alot of rest, and had some coughdrops. After about a week I was better. So is it possible that I had swine flu, not just any old cold?And, if you recover from swine flu is it possible that you can get it again? Or do you become immune to it?
A: First the only way to know for sure is to be tested for the H1N1 antibody. If you have the antibody you had the flu. Many get the swine flu and have mild symptoms. What you describe could be one of those cases. I had toxicitio mitosis (I bet that spelling is screwed up). It is also known as valley fever. It can kill but the case I had was so light I didn't know it happened. I only found out when my blood was tested and came up positive for the antibody. Second swine flu (H1N1) is a very specific strain of the flu virus. If you get it, your body will fight it. It fights it by producing antibodies. Assuming you don't die from it then we can also assume your body was successful in warding it off. Like any other virus you can only get H1N1 once. Colds are the same way. You only get a particular cold once, unfortunately there are thousands if not millions of different strains of the cold virus.Hope that helps...

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