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How often do you have a herpes outbreak

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How long a person has the herpes virus also plays a large role in frequency of outbreaks. It is not clear why a decrease...more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-often-do-you-have-a-herpes-outbreak ]
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How often do recurrent outbreaks of genital herpes occur??
Recurrences of genital herpes are common. Over 90% of patients with symptomatic primary infections have recurrent episodes in the first year of infection(4). The number of recurrences varies from person to person. The average number of recu...
How often will I recurrent outbreaks of the herpes virus??
Recurrent episodes vary amongst different individuals. However, most individuals have between four to six episodes per year. Recurrent infection are generally less severe than the initial outbreak. Following an outbreak the virus then trave...
What Will Lower the Frequency of Herpes Outbreaks
Genital herpes is not a medical condition typically associated with diet; however, outbreaks of this painful virus have been linked to two amino acids. While the research is not conclusive, those who suffer from this virus are usually willi...

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is it normal to have herpes outbreak so often?
Q: After my second out break hsv1 my doc says ...and i got it in both places.first time was so mild my doc didnt diagonoise it (6months ago)Second time it got so bad because I was awaiting blood tests over the weekend. and then I got an outbreak ;ike a month later again and I was on acyclovir. Now I take famvir once a day 500mg. I feel like i am getin an outbreak agauin cuz i getting muscle pain like the first times. Anyone have often outbreaks? also I noticed tiny lil bumps(so small) around the hood of my penis and this one lil spot and seems like its not healed since the outbreak i dunoo, my doc doesnt tell me anything.any opinions?
A: Once you have had an initial outbreak of genital herpes, chances are you will probably have additional symptoms or outbreaks from time to time. The frequency and severity of recurrent genital herpes outbreaks can vary a lot. Some people may experience several outbreaks during a year, while others have only 1 or 2 outbreaks during their lifetime. The number of outbreaks you experience can also change over time. Usually you have more outbreaks during the first year you have genital herpes. The average number of outbreaks is 4 to 5 a year. Many people notice that their outbreaks lessen in frequency and severity with time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends suppressive genital herpes treatment for people with 6 or more outbreaks per year. Because you don't always know when you may be shedding the virus, it is important to always use a latex condom or latex barriers during sex. (Please see your doctor for alternative barrier methods if you're allergic to latex.) Even when condoms are used they are not always effective. Avoid sexual contact with the affected areas completely when you do have physical symptoms until the skin has healed. There are some trigger factors that may cause the genital herpes virus to become active. If you have experienced the symptoms of genital herpes some of these may sound familiar, and you probably have already noticed the link between the trigger and the symptoms even if you didn't know that you were experiencing a herpes outbreak. Trigger factors vary from person to person and usually can't be avoided. Some triggers are believed to be: Emotional stress Physical stress Sexual intercourse Injury Sunlight Another illness (especially with fever) Surgical trauma Steroidal medication (e.g., asthma medication) Poor diet
How often does herpes appear? or How often does someone usually have an outbreak?
Q: I'm also wondering if you can contract herpes from sitting on the same toilet seat as someone who has herpes. Just curious? I have a family member who has contracted it and she uses my restroom and I'm curious if I could also get it. And she wants to know how often people have outbreaks??
A: People with genital herpes tend to have the most outbreaks during the first year. I've read, on average, a person with the virus has about 4-5 outbreaks the first year. The longer the person has genital herpes though the less outbreaks they tend to get and the less severe they tend to get. People with genital herpes tend to learn what triggers outbreaks for them, like stress and food, and learn to avoid those things to help prevent an outbreak.I have had genital herpes for 6 years now. Over the last 6 years I have had probably 5 outbreaks. It's been over 2 years since my last outbreak. And, no, you can NOT get genital herpes from a toilet seat. You also can NOT get it from a bath tub, shower, jacuzzi, swimming pool, sink, chairs, clothing, etc. I lived with my parents and two younger brothers for most of the last 6 years. NONE of them ever contracted genital herpes from me from using the toilet after me. I've also had several family members and boyfriends (now exs) use the toilet and restroom after me and none of them ever got the virus either. Genital herpes is just not spread like that. Genital herpes is almost always spread by some sort of sexual contact, either by sex (vaginal, oral, or anal) or by DIRECT skin to skin contact with the infected area.
How often do genital herpes outbreaks come on?
Q: I just found out I have genital herpes. I woke up Saturday morning with sores on my penis. By Sunday night, they were inflamed and extremely painful. My new girlfriend (only the 3rd person I have been with in the last 10 years) complained of "cuts" and burning a couple weeks ago which we attributed to rough sex. Now we learn its possible she actually was having a mild outbreak and may have passed it to me. Her test results are pending but I'm pretty certain they will be positive. Its really scary because we learned that people can carry HSV for years and not know which seems to be the case. I am a mature adult and I love this woman with all my heart so it in no way changes how I feel about her because I honestly believe she had no idea. I have done my research and found HSV to be far more common than I ever knew or imagined. 1 in 4 women have it and nearly 80% may never show symptoms... scary! I guess I am more looking for moral support from others in the same situation. Please contact me if you have a similar story. I am intent on making my relationship work and not looking to blame anybody so any support from couples who have survived this would be awesome too!
A: Unfortunately there is nothing to say or tell how often herpes out breaks will occur and it does sound like herpes to me. Certain things can trigger out breaks, they may have only one or two out breaks in the life, or they may have them evey couple of months. There is no regularity when it comes to herpes.The fact that people can carry herpes around for years and not even know they have it is true. Or else evey one with herpes would know they had it and a good percentage of the people that have herpes don't know it.Oral herpes is even more common 50-80 percent of the world has it (it's what causes cold sores) and it can be spread to the genitals because it's contagious.I contracted genital herpes after my boy friend gave me oral sex with a cold sore one night.

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