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How much blood can you loose before you die

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For death to occur, a person would have to lose about 4 pints, or two of the same IV bags, worth of blood. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-much-blood-can-you-loose-before-you-die ]
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How much blood must you loose before you bleed to death??
Clotting refers to the hemostasis process that occurs in the body when there has been some injury to a blood vessel & blood loss needs to be stopped. It is a process that involves many steps & is vital to our survival. People whose ...
How much blood can you lose before you die?
The body has 14 to 18 pints of blood. You would have to lose between 3 1/2 and 4 pints before you would die.

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how much blood can u loose before u would pass out and die?
Q: jus wondering
A: i think its around 3 1/2 to 4 pints before you die
how much blood would She have to loose?
Q: my BESST FRIEND cuts her wrists and she bleeds ALOT when She dose it, but i need to know how much blood She would need to loose before she dies or ends up in the hospital. Ive tryed to stop her but she keeps doing it. and i have already told other people but they dont care, even her parents.
A: aww babe my best friend was the same. i managed to take her to a school counsellor and she got help from there. well done for trying to help her, and its not your fault people dont care. the point is YOU care, and all you can do if no one else will help, is to be there for her. take it from me, this really makes a difference to the person. be loyal to her, and talk to her. very often with people who cut their wrists, when people start talking to them about it they open up very quickly, because although she'll never admit it - because she probably doesnt even know it herself, it is a cry for help. but they usually only open up to one person, so let that person be you.im not so sure about how much blood she can safely lose - you can lose up to a pint which is a lot (think about milk bottles!) but that is only every once in a while because the body does replace its own blood supply but this takes time.just be there for her,good luckxxx
how much blood can i loose before..?
Q: How much can i loose before i feel light headed? pass out? die?give me something comparable like a 2 liter or something..it doesnt matter why im asking... its just a question
A: The average human body contains about six quarts (5.6 litres) of blood. You can lose up to two quarts of it and still live.

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