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How long is someone contagious if they have the flu

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Healthy adults may be able to infect others from 1 day prior to becoming sick and for 5 days after they first develop symptoms. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-is-someone-contagious-if-they-have-the-flu ]
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How long is someone contagious when they have the flu??
The CDC estimates that adults are contagious up to 7 days following the onset of symptoms, and 7-10 days for children. The incubation period before symptoms appear is probably not longer than 4 days, but could be as long as 7 days. Your hus...
How Long Is Someone With The Flu Contagious?
Antibiotics are not prescribed for the flu, which is viral. Flu is self-limited anyway and rarely treated with antivirals (TAMIFLU). 1-2 days prior to becoming sick and for 5 days after you first develop symptoms. Some young children and pe...
How long is someone with stomach flu contagious?
If you’ve come down with a bug, you may wonder how long someone with the stomach flu is contagious. First, you need to look at which type of virus you have. Most adults have norovirus. You will begin to get sick within 2-3 days of exposur...

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How do you know when you are no longer contagious with the flu?
Q: first i'm wondering how long for the swine flu then how long for the regular flu. my mom told me that there really isn't any medicine for it once you get it so usually for the regular flu you're not contagious when you no longer have a fever, but she's no doctor lol. if that is true though is it the same for the swine flu?
A: Well your mom is right...and wrong! Right because the H1N1 (swin flu) is not contagious 24 hours after your last fever temperature or for 7 days after you present with symptoms (whichever is longer)ButYou can get medicine for the swin flu - its called Antiviral medication - and they will give it to you if you have low immunity and need some help to fight off the flu
How long is someone contagious for after they have had the swine flu?
Q: My friend had the swine flu and about a week ago she went to the doctors and her test came out negative and the doctors said she doesn't have it anymore. So my question is that could I still get it from her even though her tests are negative and if so how long is she contagious for?
A: You're the most contagious the first few days of having it, but she should be fine to be around now.
How long is someone contagious when they have the flu?
Q: My husband has had flu symptoms for 4 days, but me and my kids haven't caught it. We aren't being all that careful, no masks around the house, but we're not kissing or sharing cups or anything. Do you think he's not contagious anymore? Can we all go to a vacay with the extended family without feeling like we're endangering their health?
A: the flu is contagious! do not believe that it is not you will remain infectious for 4 days after you have completely recovered from the flu

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