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How long does achilles tendonitis take to heal

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Even in mild cases, it can take weeks to months of rest for achilles tendonitis to repair itself. Be patient & let it rest often. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-achilles-tendonitis-take-to-heal ]
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How long does it take to heal an achilles tendinitis??
When I was 15, I cut mine by an accident. Yours is nothing like mine, but the achilles tendon is probably the most sensitive tendon in the body, This is what my MD advise before I had my surgery. Soak your foot in water as hot as you can ...
How long will it take for my Achilles tendinitis to heal??
My father had a walking cast for about 3 months or so before he was able to walk without it. He has a job that requires constant standing, so it was bound to happen. Go by doctor's orders, and don't rush yourself or you may damage it again....

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How long does it take for a sprain to heal and do you have to stay off of it or can you walk around on it?
Q: I sprained my ankle 4 weeks ago approx. I wore a brace for about a wk. and have only been walking on it a little bit for a couple days now without the brace, but it really hurts. Should I wrap an ace bandage around it? And for how long? I also have chronic achilles tendonitis, but I still think it's sprained. How do I know for sure?
A: The standard time for healing of sprain, is 6 weeks (41 days, by some Indian ayurved standards!): you have to rest the ankle, can't strain it while healing!
Anyone suffering from achilles tendonitis?
Q: I do not know the cause of my injury, but I have had achilles tendonitis for 1 1/2 years. I've tried Alleve, Motrin, and most recently a Medrol pack. I wear a short splint on the ankle at night, heel lifts, and was just given a warrior boot to wear when walking. I went to physical therapy for 3 months, I do stretches, had Ionto therapy, ultrasound therapy, and manual therapy. I hurt like a bugger and have a hard time walking , esp. after sitting or sleeping, until things loosen up.What kinds of things have you found to provide relief, and how long did your symptoms last? I heard this could take as many as 5 years to heal from my doctor, and surgery is not a good option, nor are cortisone shots, as they'll only weaken the already weakened tendon.Serious answers only please. Thanks
A: I had it when I was younger and yes - it does hurt like hell. I was diagnosed when I was 7 and was in a lot of pain when I tried to run around with the other kids. None of the physio excersises helped and it just went away by itself about 3 years later. I still get occasional flare ups but nowhere near as bad as before. So don't worry - it'll probably get better or disappear entirely as you get older!
How long do sprained ankles normally take to heal, and what is the longest it should take to heal?
Q: I sprained my ankle the day after Memorial Day, so it has been close to 5 months since I was hurt. It is still normal for it to hurt everyday? I have been through 6 weeks of physical therapy and was told to continue to use it as I normally would but in moderation. I am a runner so I started to get back into running again. The pain started to get worse so I haven't ran in a couple weeks. I know ice and elevation are good to help the healing process. I have Achille's tendonitis (inflammation in my Achille's tendon) so I have pain in my Achilles also. Any help on this pain? I was told it would only take 6-8 weeks to heal, I didn't know it would take 5 months. Is this normal?For the most part, the pain is not localized, it varies in different places of my foot. I haven't had any tests besides X-rays done, and they showed nothing. I was told if it gets worse to have an MRI done, but most doctors just tell me it is ok for it to this long. Is all of this normal?
A: An ankle sprain shouldn't take 5 months to heal, unless you completely tore it. I would continue with the treatment and exercises your physical therapist has you doing. An MRI can rule out any soft tissue damage... maybe there's a stress fracture or something else going on. Going back to your doctor (orthopedic doctor or sports medicine specialist) is best.

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