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How long do boils last

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Most simple boils can be treated at home, and usually disappear within a week, depending on how bad the inflammation is. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-do-boils-last ]
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How long do boils last?
Drainage is a good sign and that indicates that the boil is healing. I would strongly recommend you to contact your physicians nurse to inform her the boil is still there and your a little uncomfortable. Since you have been on a antibiotic ...
How long do boils last if your taking antibiotics?
Furuncle Symptoms. Symptoms of Carbuncle could include fever, fatigue, skin lesions, and skin redness...
How long does your boil commonly last?
Boils for all but the Snowcap are 60 minute boils. The Snowcap boils for 90 minutes because it has such a high starting gravity. Essentially, we're boiling off water until we reach the target OG.

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How long do boils last if left untreated?
A: You need to get it treated. Boils are actually a staph or strep infection called cellulitis. Cellulitis, if left untreated, can enter your bloodstream and cause septicemia (blood poisoning).If you go in, what they will do is lance and drain it, and then pack it with sterile gauze. The gauze needs to stay in for a couple of days, and then it can be removed. At the same time, you will also be on antibiotics. Even with all of that, it can still take about two to three weeks to heal completely. Go to the doctor. Don't count on one to go away by itself. If you catch it early enough, they may not even need to drain it.
How long does boiled water last in a sterilized water jug?
Q: I'm traveling with my baby and I am boiling water for her formula to take with us,how long will it last .Please no comments on why I'm not breastfeeding, Women have the right to choose. Not that I feel the need to explain myself but our baby was adopted.
A: it will last until it evaporates which mean a very long time
how long do boils last?
Q: iv had a boil in my ear for the past 5 weeks, my doc gave me anti biotics and since then iv been leaking puss from my ear...(for a bout 2 weeks) it has now stoped leaking discharge.. but my hearing is still dulled, just wandering how long every thing takes to go back to normal?
A: hmmmm.... sounds like you should swab out withantiseptic and wait a few more days...alsoplace a small towel under your head at nightto protect your pillow.

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