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How long can an average person hold their breath

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The current record for holding breath underwater is 8 minutes, 58 seconds. The average person can hold it a lot less. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-can-an-average-person-hold-their-breath ]
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How long can the average person hold their breathe?
The average person can Hold their breath for around 30 seconds.Some may vary. Rachel x
How long can the average person hold their breath under water??
The average person can hold there breath for about 30 to 40 seconds, not that long uh. But some people mainly free divers who have been diving for a long period of time their lungs and heart have expanded and got used to holding their breat...
How long can the average person hold their breath before passing ...?
It depends on the persons physical wellbeing and the size of their lungs really

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How long can the average person hold their breath before they go unconscious or whatever?
Q: I have major cramps and pain killers aren't working. Whenever I hold my breath, the cramps go away. My plan is to hold my breath without damaging anything then taking a breathing break and then holding my breath again. I wanna know how long I can go without breathing but without damaging my lungs or brain or something.3 minutes? Sweet.
A: you can survive 3 minutes without oxygen,before passing out
How long can the average person hold their breath?
Q: If the person is under duress does it lessen or increase? I ask because in Poseidon, the people seemed to be doing super-human feats by holding their breath and swimming through mazes of debris and dead bodies. Was this realistic?
A: the average person can hold their breath for about a minute and a half in desperation. i believe the world record is well above 8 minutes now, but those people have lungs 4 times the capacity. The brain is starved of oxygen at 4 minutes and brain cells begin dying rapidly.
How long can the average person hold their breath for?
Q: Under water , and Above water.I heard holding your breath is quite dangerous , Because you could Pass out , and land on some thing such as a blanket ( faced down ) and Not be able to access air.Other then that , are their many dangers?Also , Whats the difference between holding your breath and and some one holding your neck tight?
A: I don't know about underwater as I've been too chicken to conduct underwater tests, but competitions between several of my friends and myself lead me to believe that the above-water average of an untrained person is about 1 minute, 35 seconds.It's not actually that dangerous provided that you're in a safe area. That is, if you're not around fire, plastic bags, sharp objects, electricity, water, or whatnot, you're fine. People usually don't lose consciousness until about 3 minutes of holding their breath. And blankets aren't really an issue, because they're pretty loose and don't form an airtight seal around your nose or mouth. So no, there generally aren't many dangers.There is, however, a significant difference between holding your breath and having someone choke you. The former's not really the best idea ever, but it's pretty much harmless, because you have control over yourself, and if you pass out, your body will automatically start breathing again. But if someone's choking you, they may not be able to tell when to let go, and you could end up dying. Perhaps you've heard the horror stories of young teens playing the choking game? Plus if someone's choking you, they're compressing your carotid artery, so that cuts off your brain's blood supply, and it can cause brain damage if it's done too much.

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