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How do you know when your tonsils need taken out

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Only the ENT can determine if you would benefit from having a tonsillectomy. Tonsils that are prone to strep are one reason. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-know-when-your-tonsils-need-taken-out ]
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How do i know if i need my tonsils taken out??
You will not be able to have your tonsils taken out unless you get TONSILITOUS at least 4 times a year. I was getting it 4-6 times a year since I was 6 years old. The doctors told me I would out grow it at 18. That is how set against it mos...
How do you know if you need your tonsils taken out?
Usually a surgeon will remove the tonsils if you have had three or more episodes of tonsillitis in one year that required treatment with antibiotics.
When do you know...? when do you know that your tonsils need to b...?
When people have sore throats, their tonsils grow as a natural response to the bacteria or virus (tonsils are a major part of the immune system). It's really normal and just your bodys defense system. The only way you'll be allowed to have ...

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What can happen if you don't get your tonsils taken out when you are told you need to?
Q: I was told that my tonsils are pretty big and are pitted, and that the only way to take care of the problem is to get them taken out. What can happen if I don't do it?
A: As long as you're not in any pain then I don't think anything bad would happen. The bad thing would be if they started hurting quite suddenly - you may need emergency treatment if they swell too much as they could block your airway.I had my tonsils removed about 10 years ago because of frequent tonsillitis and it was fine. Was a bit sore when I woke up and for the rest of the day but the best thing is just to drink cool water and try to eat. Painkillers numb the worst of it and it doesn't take too long to heal.At the end of the day its your decision but in my opinion it would probably be best just to get them removed and get it over and done with.
What does it feel like when you need your tonsils taken out?
Q: For about a week now the back of my throat/mouth hurts. When I swallow, cough, sometime eat. I dont know if it has anything to do with my tonsils, so I am just curious. Before anybody suggests just going to the doctor, let me tell you that I have 3 kids who are my priority in life and I have no medical coverage for myself. Just them. So I cannot spend money by just going to the doctor unless it is an absolute emergency. So any thoughts to this would help. Thank you so much!
A: You might have strep throat. If you can get a flash light and look in the mirror, check and see if the back of your throat has changed colors. Also look to see if the tissue on each side of your throat towards the back looks swollen and red. If so thats tonsillitis. If you have a fever then you may have an infection. The only thing you can do is go to an ER and get a prescription for an antibiotic. I know you nave no medical coverage but see if you can work out a payment plan if possible. If you dont treat it , it could get worse and if you do have to go in for emergency treatment, even surgery its gonna cost alot more money. If you dont have a fever then keep drinking alot of fluid and some tylenol or ibuprofen and see if that clears it up.
Do I need to get my tonsils taken out if I get colds alot and when I get sick it lasts for about 1 month?
Q: My immune system is very bad. Every time I even come within 2 feet of someone sick I catch it. I get sore throats like every other month and when I get a cold, I usually start to get better after like 25 or 30 days or so. Do I need to get my tonsils taken out? Or will getting them out help me?
A: Having your tomsils taken out will just be a band-aid approach. First off, you never said whether or not you get chronic tonsilitis every time you get sick, and second of all, you need to get a doctor's appointment to be evaluated to see if this is your underlying problem. No doctor is going to just take out you tonsils. There has to be a real problem with them first. removing your tonsils will not boost your immune system.If you go to the doctor and the problem stems from your tonsils, then yes, this would be your first line of defense. Either way, you sound as if you need to get your immune system boosted up so let's deal with this issue since whether or not you get your tonsils out you still want to boost your immune system.These are the areas you want to work on:Rest and relaxationNutrition and proper eating habitsVitamins, minerals, and herbsIf you are not getting enough rest it will lower your resistance to illness. You need to get enough sleep in order for your body to be able to work at its optimal level. Some people have really crazy schedules where they work, go to school, eat on the run, snatch a few hours' sleep, and are like a rat on a wheel where they are going fast but not getting far.Along with rest, we need some down time to do the things we enjoy doing. Whether that is watching some TV, reading, talking on the phone, hanging out with friends or swimming, we need to find a bit of time everyday that is just for us. This will help to relax you and give you some down time. this also helps you to develop important skills over the long run.Proper nutrition is as important, if not more so, than enough rest. Our bodies are like cars, they need fuel to run on and if you give them bad fuel they will not run properly. You need ot eat good, fresh, wholesome food. Avoid lots of fast food (no one should eat out more than 1-2 times a month), processed foods (anyhting out of a box or most cans), and junk food loaded down with lots of sugar and preservatives. This will make your body run out of fuel and get sick or quit running. You need to buy fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, good quality meats, foods wihtout High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) (read the labels and buy breads, juices, ketchup, salad dressings, cookies, etc. that do not contain HFCS). HFCS is poison on the system as it spikes your blood sugar, over-working your pancreas, causing issues with insulin levels and low-blood sugar issues. Another important thing to get rid of is soda pop. Most soda today is made with mega doses of HFCS (read the labels) and is not good for you. Soda adds unnecessary calories (empty calories), is hard on your pancreas, can lead to weight problems, can cause nutritional issues, can be addictive (caffeine), and other than "it tastes good" has no redemptive qualities. It is also very expensive. It is not as hard as you think to giv eup drinking pop. I went off of pop and I feel so much better. I gave it up over 5 years ago. Diet pop is even worse for you than regular pop.If it is the caffiene you are worried about, then replace it with tea or coffee. In my case I do not like tea or coffee, so I went cold turkey. I worried about the caffiene headache I would get so as soon as I awoke I ate a piece of toast and took 3 aspirin (975mg) so that I would ward off the impending headache. Never take aspirin on an empty stomach as it can cause bleeding issues. I continued to take 3 aspirin every three and a half hours the rest of the day. I never got a headache, but I did feel like i'd been run over by a truck! My body was crying out for its' daily "fix" of caffeine. I lay around, watched some TV, and did a whole lot of nothing that day. I felt a bit better the next day (and didn't need aspirin), and by th e4th day I was fine. I've been fine ever since.It never hurts to supplement one's diet with vitamins and minerals. Most people need ot supplement vitamins and calcium on a daily basis. Most of our foods now come from Big Food Corporations that grow on large scale operations that deplete the soil of vitamins and minerals, which are then depleted in the foods we eat. If you can't grow your own, then try buying organic as much as possible. But make sure you eat plenty of good, wholesome food and avoid fake, processed foods as they will make you sick. Taking supplements will help to boost your immune system.There are herbs you can take to help boost your immune system, but you need to educate yourself on herbs and their powers as some herbs can be used daily, while others need to be used with caution. Like anything else you put in your mouth, know what it is before you consume it. All herbs have powerful properties that have healing powers, but they should never be used without educating yourself on their uses, dangers, and cautions. I could tell you herbs to take, but without knowing their properties, you might do more harm than good. It doesn't take long to discover the properties of herbs that we wish to consume and use. I suggest you go to the library and take out a couple of herbals or go on-line and study what you find.As with anything else, it will take you about 2-4 months to notice a big difference when you make these lifestyle changes. You may notice you feel better within 1-2 weeks, but to notice long-term effects it may take you up to 4 months to notice a change. It takes about 4 months for our blood to regenerate and it takes time for our bodies to change. You should notice a difference within one week or so if you change your sleep patterns and food consumption, but most depends on how weak your immune system actually is and how compromised it has become.You need to take the responsibility of getting yourself in good working order. If after you do all of this and you still don't feel good and your immune system is still down, then seek professional help from a doctor. However, once you see the doctor for your tonsils, you should know if you need folow up care. Taking care of yourself now can mean the difference in your qulaity of life now and in the future.Try googling Jack Lalanne or another health expert to find other ways you can help yourself.

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