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How do you get rid of an infected ingrown hair

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Using a freshly sterilized pair of tweezers or a needle, you can fish the tip out from underneath this surface of the skin. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-rid-of-an-infected-ingrown-hair ]
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・ 1 Clean the area. It is important to make sure you wash the area around the infected ingrown hair or... ・ 2 Soak a clean cloth in warm or hot water. You don't want the water to be really hot, but get it as close... ・ 3 Lift out the ingrow...
If it becomes irritated or inflamed with bacteria you get an infected ingrown hair. You can get rid of an infected ingrown hair by following these simple steps. First, make sure the area around the ingrown hair is clean, wash or bathe, so y...
The first step would be to disinfect the area. You can use any product meant for this purpose, which ideally contains buffered fatty alcohol (it has the same bacteria killing effect of an astringent, with much less stinging). In order to re...

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How do you get rid of dark spots on the skin left from infected ingrown hair?
Q: ... or is it just broken skin caused by irritation of the blade after shaving?
A: find a product with alpha-arbutin, that will help with the discoloration. the spots will fade over time if you do nothing.
home cure for an infected ingrown hair?
Q: i have an infected hair in my armpit, its red and has pus in it, is there anyway i can just get rid of it at home without a doctor.
A: You don't need a cure.....Just lance and drain the infection, have tweezers to remove the hair and some rubbing alcohol to disinfect everything with. Yes it will sting but only for a second. Lots of bacteria lives under the arm. You do not need a doctor unless the infection returns.
How do I get rid of infected ingrown leg hairs?
Q: I have no idea why I get them, but they started after I used an epilator (which is basically an electric tweezing device). Although I haven't used it for months and months, I still get lots of infected ingrown hairs on my legs, regardless of whether I shave or not. I get scars from squeezing them out, even if I clean the area before and after and bandage it, so that's not working. I'd appreciate any advice or product recommendations. I'd like to try home remedies before spending the money to see a dermatologist.It is my lower legs, and these are not just razor bumps. I use a new Schick Quattro blade every week to avoid razor bumps, and I only shave about twice a week since this started. I think there's some confusion here about what I'm calling ingrown hairs.Tweezing them out is leading to scarring, so I'd like to know if there are any products on the market that help (1) clear up the inflammation and/or infection and (2) prevent ingrown hairs that result from follicular damage.There also seems to be confusion about the epilator I mentioned. Someone seems to think that I'm trying to use it to remove the ingrown hairs (WTF?) I was not doing that. I used the epilator many months ago as an alternative to waxing. I no longer use it, seeing as it has started this endless cycle of ingrown hairs. I believe it caused follicle damage that makes it hard for my hairs to grow out properly, hence what I am calling "infected ingrown leg hairs."
A: pluck it with regular tweezers. not any kind of special tweezers. thats the worst kind.

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