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How do you get fluid in your knee

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Certain diseases and injuries cause excessive joint fluid to be produced (such as knee osteoarthritis and knee injuries). ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-fluid-in-your-knee ]
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How do you get fluid off your knee?
Go to the doctor, they will draw it off.
How to get rid of knee fluid. Could I have a tear because of the ...?
I tore a couple of ligaments in my knee a few months ago and it did hurt like you wouldn't believe but I only got a little water on the knee. If you did tear a ligament you should have a very sharp pain if you press on certain areas around ...
Should you get fluid drained from your knee if there is no pain??
no, I would wait till the knee starts to hurt and when it does you SHOULD/NEED to see a doctor about it and also don't mess with the knee when it does start to hurt and if it even does start to hurt as well. If it does have a Infection in t...

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how active can you be at age 16 the same day you get your knee fluid drained/tapped?
Q: can you go to school later that day after getting the fluid drained from your knee? thank you everyoneee.
A: No, you should rest it. It's going to be kind of sore, too.
How can you get fluid off of your knee?
Q: My knee has been hurting lately during the cold weather and my trainer told me I had fluid on my knee.
A: Well there are actully several ways but the fastest would be to go to an orthopedic surgeon and they would drain it for you but if you dont wanna go that far yet then you should just take aleve..and ice...and rest so that the damage you have done will heal and not turn into anything mager.
What do they do when you have fluid in your knee?
Q: i have fluid in my knee and i am just wondering what it means and what they will do to it and my knee.. does anybody know?
A: Fluid in the knee can be a painful experience , I had an industrial injury also had Fluid on the knee. The doctor used a syringe to remove the fluid , but i also had some cartilage damage and needed Arthroscopic surgery to remove the damaged cartilage.

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