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How do you get an irregular heartbeat

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The majority of people will have an irregular heartbeat as a genetic defect. You can also have one from bypass surgery. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-an-irregular-heartbeat ]
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Why do I get irregular heartbeat when Im relaxed?
I agree with Ares. If you have them, it is best to let an ekg catch it so docs will know what is going on. That is what I have done. I am 34, athletic, don't drink/smoke. I have random a-fib, but after catching it, have not had it since. Fe...
What does it mean when I get the irregular heartbeat detection in...?
The flashing heart icon means that the monitor detected an irregular pulse rhythm during the measurement process. This can be caused by something a simple as body movement or talking during the measurement. If it is displayed frequently and...
Why does my heartbeat get irregular when i lay down?
I have been told that it is common in people that are into cardio exercises. I also find my heart will wake me up sometimes as it is beating very hard and very fast while I am sleeping. If you are drinking caffeinated beverages throughout t...

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What would cause an irregular heartbeat?
Q: My husband occasionally would get an irregular heartbeat but lately it is becoming more frequent. I've listened to his chest & it sounds like it beats normally for about 5 or 6 beats & then beats really fast for 3 beats or so. He's been tested for the stress test & had to wear a heart monitor for a day (a few months ago) but the tests didn't reveal any irregularities. He wants to go see a specialist. Anyone know what this could be?
A: Is he on stimulants e.g. smoking, etc. well the cause is there, as far as how many irregular beats are there, it can be easily in EKG long lead. Please take your husband to a good cardiologist, and have him assessed, because as you have mentioned it is increasing in frequency. I don't want you get confused with Holter's readings, OK. Be practical.
What complications can arise from an Irregular heartbeat?
Q: I just talked to my dad about an hour ago and he told me he may have an irregular heartbeat. I've tried researching it on the internet but its all too scientific. Can any body help me understand any complications that might arise from this or if i shouldn't worry at all?just talked to my dad about an hour ago and he told me he may have an irregular heartbeat. I've tried researching it on the internet but its all too scientific. Can any body help me understand any complications that might arise from this or if i shouldn't worry at all? His doctor had to run tests for it and i'm really worried
A: Generally, a persistant irregular heart rhythm is AKA Atrial Fibrillation. Make sure this is what you have as opposed to some abbarent beats here and there or a normal sinus arrythmia that fluctuates with respirations. If is it Atrial Fibrillation, then the risks are low blood pressure and formation of blood clot. What happens is, the top half of your blood chamber (the atrium) is attempting to squeeze blood into the ventricle but due to an interruption in the normal electrical conduction of your heart, the atrium doesn't empty completely therefore leaving some blood left in the atrium. This blood left behind rubs together and the platelets form a clot. As this clot develops, it could be dislodged and hit anywhere in the body; coronary artery, brain, lung, etc. So, as long as you have this condition, you will need to be on blood thinning agents to prevent this from happening. Generally Coumadin is the drug and must be monitored through blood work indefinately. But it can be reversed through anti-arrhythmics, ablation, or synchronized cardioversion. Of course, you should try the least invasive treatment first with anti-arrhythmics (drugs). A good way to check if you have this is as simple as placing your pointy finger on your radial artery on your wrist (along the thumb side of the wrist), it will be a persistant irregular beat. The diagnosis of this condition is usually seen through EKG. See a cardiologist if you don't have one allready.
How concerning is an irregular heartbeat?
Q: I'm 15, and don't have any medical problems at all, but I have an irregular heartbeat. I'm not overweight, I excerise regularly and have a healthy diet. Should I be concerned by this or is it just something odd about me? I do quite often feel dizzy and lose vision when I stand up - could the two be connected? Thanks.
A: How did you find out about your irregular heart beat? have you self diagnosed? If a Dr. has found a murmur or such, you need to go back for a check up and explain the other symptoms you are experiencing. Never put something about your health down as an odd quirk of your personality you need to get this checked out. Take Care :)

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