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How do I know if I have poison oak or poison ivy

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The first signs of the rash are curved lines of red, itchy bumps or blisters. These continue to appear for many days...MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-know-if-i-have-poison-oak-or-poison-ivy ]
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Does anyone know what I can use for poison ivy or poison oak rash...?
I use Ivarest. Clears it up in a couple of days
How do i know if i have poison ivy or poison oak?
Poison Ivy - Oak - Sumac Symptoms. Itching, Burning skin, Redness of the skin, Blisters, and Swelling...

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What is the best product to use to get rid of poison oak/ivy in a garden or lawn?
Q: What is the best lawn care product to use to get rid of poison oak or poison ivy? Also in an effort to be more environmentally conscious are there natural non-chemical products that are effective in getting rid of poison oak or poison ivy?
A: Unless you have a briar-patch of poison oak/ivy, I would dig it up. I have the stuff (plus Virginia creeper) growing in several places and where it's sparse, I dig it up, making sure I get all of the root. In areas where it's dense, I use weed killer specifically for these plants, and still they don't die on the first round. In some areas, I've sprayed a couple of times and it does thin out the area. Ultimately, I have to dig it up. The root system on these vines are very prolific, and if any of the root remains, it will recover fairly quickly. I've thought about using something harsher, but I have cats, and also I'm not sure if any one product is better than the next.One thing for sure, you have to stay with it, or it will regain and continue to grow the minute your back is turned!good luck
How to get rid of the poison oak/ivy plant in yard?
Q: Is there anything I can plant over top of the poison oak and poison ivy plant to drown it out? Or do I just have to use a weed killer chemical? I'm trying to avoid killing some seedlings I planted nearby.
A: Use Weed-Be-Gone or Brush Killer. (Buy it at a big box garden center.) But do not spray it on the poison ivy. Just cut the stem near ground level, and apply a drop or two of Brush Killer straight from the bottle onto the cut. If it is a big stem, apply enough Brush Killer to ring the cut with the herbicide. The fresh cut will take up the chemical and the roots will die. If the stem is growing up a tree, be careful not to get any herbicide on the tree trunk. This method is much more focused on the noxious weed than spraying, and should not affect your desireable seedlings. Wear plastic gloves to avoid a poison ivy rash and, more importantly, to avoid skin contact with undiluted Brush Killer.
What are some ways to get rid of poison ivy or poison oak?
Q: I have poison ivy or oak (dont know what one) and i have tried everything! I just can't stop itching and it bugs me.. i have tried Calamine and it just seems to be making it itch more! I just wanna know so easy and fast ways to get rid of poison iny/oak.
A: The only over-the-counter poison ivy medication which contains the urushiol killing mineral spirits is called Technu. This stuff works wonders to kill the oil that causes the skin infection, thereby also preventing spread of the oil to other parts of the body. So, buy Technu, and follow all the instructions and warnings on its label. If you can't afford to buy Technu, or are just too cheap, then there is another option for the desperate: paint thinner (or pure mineral spirits). The active ingredient in most paint thinners is mineral spirits. Make sure the paint thinner you have has mineral spirits in it. Simply put some paint thinner on a clean rag and rub the paint thinner soaked rag onto the infected areas of the skin. Be very careful around the eyes, nose, and mouth. The warning labels on bottles of paint thinner aren't kidding; you're not supposed to ingest this stuff. Let the Technu or paint thinner soak into and around the infected areas of the skin for a few minutes. After those few minutes are up, make sure to thoroughly wash, with soap and water, all of the chemicals off and out of your skin. The chemicals in Technu and paint thinner are not particularly good for your skin; however, they are manifestly better for it, in the short term, than urushiol. Your infection should be pretty instantly killed and the desire to itch will also quickly subside; however, it will take a few days for any remnant swelling, cracking, and flaking to disappear. Another way to get rid of poison ivy is to run the infected area under very hot (but bearable) water either in a sink or in the shower for 10 minutes. Not only will this get rid of the itch but your skin should return to normal in the next 2-3 days.

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