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How can you tell if you have shin splints

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Common symptoms of shin splints include tenderness, aching or slight swelling along the front of your lower leg. The pain...MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-tell-if-you-have-shin-splints ]
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How do I tell if it's shin splints?
well it can be shin splints or also a stress fracture but then that would mean you just have shin pain on one leg normally and in a specific spot. if that doesnt fit your shin problems then it can also be stress that is being put on the mus...
What are Shin Splints?
The term "shin splints" is a general description of stress injuries to the front lower leg. These injuries result in the inflammation of the tendons attached to the tibia (shin bone) and the surrounding muscular and fascia tissues...
Why Do You Get Shin Splints?
Shin splints is a blanket term. Lack of recovery, like too much sprinting, can result in shin splints. But often there’s more going on. Koryjane1979 mentioned knee pain too. Bad Footwear. Wearing shoes with heels can limit the range of moti...

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How can I tell if I have shin splints, and how can they be treated?
Q: I play sports and because of this have a bad ankle. It has been acting up recently or so I thought. When I told one of my friends where the pain was located they told me that when they had pain in that part of their leg it was from shin splints. I was wondering if this was possible since I have been doing a lot more running recently.
A: If you are prone to shin spints, wIthout the right shoes, walking on concrete, jogging, lots of things can cause shin splints (at least for me). It is always on the front of my leg, and it hurts a lot when I walk on it, but when I stop it stops.I changed my running shoes and it helped a lot, maybe you can try that if you find that you have it?
Can anyone tell me if the apllication of methylated spirits to shin splints is a cure?
Q: I was told to cure my shin splints i should use cotton wool soaked in methylated spirits wraped around my leg while sleeping for 5 day and it would cure me is this correct and has anyone tried it?
A: This sounds like some kind of crackpot cure. Sorry.The only thing that cured mine was not running for about 6 months. None of the exercises helped me.Basically, shin splints are caused by small muscle tears. They take a long time to heal.BTW, cotton wool? Is there such a thing? Cotton is a plant fiber, wool is sheep fur.
how can you tell if you have shin splints?
Q: ok i run cross country and lately if i put pressure on my shins it hurts. its not a TERRIBLE pain, its just annoying. like for instance, if i put my left leg on my right shin it hurts my shin and i have to put my leg somewhere else. should i just ice it and see where it goes from there? oh and my right shin hurts more than my left. do you think i have shin splints and whats an easy way to tell if i have shin splints
A: I don't know if you do, but I've had them for about eight years since I ran on our poorly paved high school track during gym. The feeling I get is extreme pain and numbness in my shins like I was hit with a sledge hammer to the point where they are throbbing and is hard to continue walking. My shin splints usually are aggravated when I'm walking a bit of a distance or putting strain on them. So it's not a constant thing for me...they come and go with strain. If I were you, I would go either to a doctor or at least a site like webmd.com to compare your symptoms, but that's what it sounds like to me.Ice should help as well as stretching, Hope I was some help.

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