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How can you tell if you have infected tonsils

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Some symptoms are redder-than-normal tonsils, a yellow or white coating on the tonsils, a funny-sounding voice or swollen glands. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-tell-if-you-have-infected-tonsils ]
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Are my tonsils infected?
Mono? Usually tonsillitis is either related to strep or its a viral problem. See the doctor.
How to treat infected tonsils?
We are black and swollen tonsils? I feel like bees splashed villa in the neck by neck swelling like a balloon up? If so, then you may be infected tonsils. Tonsil infection or bacterial infection, usually viral. Mainly swelling or inflamma...
How do you know if your tonsils are infected??
Usually if you're having chronic sore throats or you snore a lot your tonsils might be infected and need removal.

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If I kiss someone who has infected tonsils, whether he's sick at the moment or not, can I catch that from him?
Q: My ex had infected tonsils and he would always get sick. The doctors kept telling him that they're infected but that he couldn't have them removed. Lately, I've been getting sick easily and I was wondering if it's just because my immune system is low or if I somehow got infected tonsils from him.
A: if you did get it from him then it would happen within a short period of time, so if you kissed him say this week then there is a chance, but if it is that then doctors would diagnose it and give you the right treatment, only way to know for sure is to talk to a doctor
Are my tonsils infected?
Q: So a few weeks ago I had a terrible cough and now I was looking in the mirror and I notice my right tonsil has a few pretty red scratches and something with an off-whitish color, about 2 millimeters long on it. My aunt had an infection similar to this except all of the tonsils were white. So tell me are they infected? Will I have to get the removed?Thanks,TinaI don't have a sore throat but I did when that cough was around.
A: If you have a cough and sore tonsils, it's probably not your tonsils that are infected, it's more then likely you have just had a cold/flu and the sore throat has irritated the area around your tonsils.
i had an infected tonsil and i just finished antibiotics, STILL HURTS?
Q: my doctor put me on antibiotics for an infected tonsil and told me to take the pills for ten days.it seemed to be getting better; yesterday morning was my last time taking them. yesterday everything was fine, but when i woke up this morning, BAM! pain. it hurts mainly when i yawn/swallow, and just like before i was on the antibiotics.i was just wondering if this was normal?
A: No, it is not normal. You should have started feeling better by day 3 and kept increasing feeling better over the next several days of your antibiotic treatment... providing you took them the way the doc prescribed them. Many times an infection will come back when the person does not take the antibiotics exactly as the doctor prescribes. Timing is everything with them.Call him back and tell him about the pain. He may want to do a strep test because strep can linger back there and it may be a semi-resistant strain that may need a different antibiotic. Or they may be a recurrent form of tonsillitis and might need to be taken out.Another thing to do is gargle with about a teaspoon of salt in warm water several times a day and get yourself some Cepacol Dual Relief Spray it works much better then many of the sore throat sprays.Hope you feel better soon!!

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