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How can you tell if someone is mentally retarded

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If they just do not do things at the normal rate that everyone else does then it is a good idea to have them tested. ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-tell-if-someone-is-mentally-retarded ]
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Can i sue someone who is mentally retarded?
You are quite possibly one of the most disturbed people I have ever met. You cannot countersue, and you should apologize to him and his family. You also need to grow up and stop being so mean to people who are different than you are.
What category is someone who is borderline mentally retarded clas...?
Such a person might not qualify for special education to be perfectly honest. If they do, it will be because they meet the criteria laid out for Mental Retardation, Developmental Delay, or some other category--which vary from state to state...
How did the american society in the 1930s know that someone was m...?
Retarded people stand out like a sore thumb, then or now. they often have allied speech handicaps called Tardive ( implies retardation) Dysklesia- they Talk funny and it defies translation to the typewriter or computer- they tend to have a ...

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if someone is mentally retarded and is told by someone to robbed a store, who is liable for the actions?
Q: The mentally retarded person killed the clerck. meanwhile the other person is robbing the store. who is liable ? what are some of the other liability crimes and theories ?
A: The instigator would be primarily responsible. Not only would he have conspired to commit robbery, he would be guilty of corrupting a person who is not held to the same standards as a normal adult.
How can you tell if your cat is mentally retarded?
Q: I think my cat might be mentally retarded, but I'm not sure. We have had him for around two or three years and I'm just starting to notice hes a little different them my other two cats.
A: How is he different? A Vet can help with this evaluation if you give him some behaviors that you are worried about. Make a list to discuss.
How can I tell if week old Boston Bulldog is mentally retarded? What can I do to help her thrive?
Q: My Boston Terrier gave birth to six healthy-looking babies. The dad is half chihuahua and pit. They are all thriving except one. It is a third the size of its litter mates. They were all about the same size at birth. They are now one week old. This puppy nurses, but not as much as its larger litter mates. It just doesn't seem to be growing. I don't know what to do?
A: Check with your vet!!! There are various conditions that interfere with feeding, absorption of nutrients. It could end up just fading away, with a lot of suffering. There are lots of breed-specific in-bred problems. it can cost money, but the little one needs you. Then, it is time to get mom and dad fixed. It can be difficult to find responsible people to adopt animals. It is more humane to give them a break from one pregnancy after another,There are animal fighters who will take "free" animals to use as bait, in order to throw it into the fighting ring to increase their dog's taste for blood. These people are everywhere, becuase there is money to be made from betting.Help your pup if you can now, and use care so that you don't place it into the wrong person's (cruel) hands.

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