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How can you get a blister inside your mouth

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Any sore or blister in your mouth that doesn't go away should be checked out by your doctor or dentist. It could be an infection. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-get-a-blister-inside-your-mouth ]
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How can I get rid of a blister that is inside my mouth??
Watch out ! It can turn into something dangerous. A blister or a wound in the mouth usually heal up into two to three days time because of the healing enzymes present in the salivary glands. If there is something that does not heal complete...
How do I get rid of skin blisters on the inside of my mouth??
YOu need to see a dentist asap
Why would you get blisters on the roof of your mouth??
The question is "how". I've gotten lumps in the back of my throat before and the doctors called it "cobblestoneing" it comes from irritation and some people are just more prone than others.

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does anyone ever get those blister things inside your mouth?
Q: not herpes but its like a blister and it hurts so bad!!its like red around and white in the middle and it stingsit goes away in about a weekbut idk what it is...how can i prevent it from coming back? also, i didn't get it from kissing since i don't kiss anyone at the moment and i brush my teeth 2 times a dayi eat healthy and drink lots of water
A: I believe that it is a canker sore.you usually get them from eating foods with high acidic levels like lemons ,oranges .I also believe that you can get them if you are stressed out. they sell Cank aid a pain relief medicine at drugstores.If it is really bad see your doctor.
How do I cure a blister inside my mouth?
Q: I have a blister next to my molars on the right side on my cheek. It hurts when I chew or open my mouth wide. I've had it since yesterday morning. How do I cure it?!
A: I use Lysine for cold sores and mouth blisters. I have gotten them since i was a kid and the doctor told me to use it. Lysine works by strengthening the immune system and it's an immunosuppressant which causes the virus causing the blister to be less active. If i have a blister, i take 3, 3 times a day. I actually take 2 a day on a regular basis just to keep them from coming and it works very well.You can get them at any drug store, grocery store, pharmacy, etc. (the bottle may say Lysine or L-Lysine, same thing) They are about 8 bucks for like 200 of them. They are in the vitamin section. They should help get rid of the blister much faster.
Something like a blister inside mouth, won't go away?
Q: Ok, I have this canker sore blister looking thing in my mouth. It's like a canker sore but it doesn't bust to turn into a canker sore.It keeps coming back to THE EXACT SAME area in my mouth.I've looked up symptoms for cold sores/fever blisters/canker sores and NONE match.Help please?
A: i know what you mean i had one of those when i first got my lip pierced you should try gargling water with salt as dumb as it sounds it works trust me do it twice day

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