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How can you catch MRSA

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MRSA is spread by direct contact with an infected person or contaminated objects (hands). It's usually not airborne, but can be. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-catch-mrsa ]
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But in recent years, MRSA has spread beyond these facilities into places where people are in close contact, such as athletic facilities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 15 percent of MRSA cases in t...
MRSA is spread by direct contact with infected secretions such as pus from an abscess. It requires a break in the skin barrier to set up an infection.
There are several ways it is believed to spread.

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Can you catch MRSA if someone has it and they send a present in the mail to you and you open up the present ?
Q: My daughters mother has MRSA, or just got over it and she lives in Arizona. She just sent my daughter a couple of Christmas presents in the mail, and I'm afraid to let my daughter open up the presents, I don't want her to catch MRSA. Does anybody know about the disease and how contagious it is? Can you kill it with household disinfectant ? Does the Bacteria die easily or does it survive for a long period of time or on certain objects?
A: MRSA stands for methiciclling resistant staphyloccocus aureus. Generally, bacteria need a sugar source to survive, some can survive for several days and then die because they have nothing to eat. communinty acuired mrsa, or c-mrsa, is relaitvely new. Do you know what kind she has? I dont think there has ever been a published case of postal aquired mrsa. usually the individual has a pre ixisting problem making them a little weaker in defending themselves against many things in general. If you're that worried, you could get some alcohol gel and wipe her hands before and after she handles the gift. depending in the gift, you could use the same alcohol gel on it as well or you could just put it in the washer. I wouldn't go to that extent; however, but you do whatever makes you feel better. Have a nice day.
Will i catch MRSA if im working around somebody who has it?
Q: I am workin in a place where somebody has MRSA the womb wich is infected is coverd up but i am in contact with things they have touched. Will i catch the infection. I am worried because i have a small child and vunrable people who i am in contact with.
A: Staff is a very infectious bacteria in the right places and doses. If there is an excessive amount of staff on your food, you can get food poisoning. If staff gets into an open cut you can get an infection. If staff gets into your lungs, you can get pneumonia. If it gets into your blood stream, you can get toxic shock syndrome.That being said, you have staff on you skin right now. Staff is everywhere. There is just as much staff on a healthy person as someone who has an infection. There are always small amounts of staff on your food. There are colonies of staff in your nose (that's one of its favorite places to live).So, I guess it's contagious. It's certainly possible to get it from another person. But there is so much staff on EVERYONE at all times, that it's really not a big deal. You don't need to take special precautions around someone with staff because everyone has staff.As long as you don't expose her pus to your open skin (like a cut), you don't need to worry.
can you catch mrsa from someone who is already taking antibiotics?
Q: my sister has mrsa she has been taking antibiotics for five days now and i was needing to know if we were still at risk?
A: MRSA is spread by skin to skin contact, so yes it can be spread and it's been well documented going through family members.However, this shouldnt be a problem unless you keep on getting boils (skin infections). If you do you should inform your physician that your sister has MRSA.

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