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How bad do kidney stones hurt

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Passing a kidney stone can be extremely painful, though they don't typically cause any permanent damage. ChaCha later! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-bad-do-kidney-stones-hurt ]
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Do kidney stones make you feel like you have to pee so bad that i...?
I didn't have the sensation to pee when I had kidney stones. Just a lot of back/side pain. You typically think of the sensation to pee as being a symptom of urinary tract infection. How do you know it's not a uti? Have you spoken to a do...
Do kidney stones always hurt?
Renal colic or kidney stones are a colic type pain. It does come and go as the kidney stone descends down the the small tubes connected to the bladder. If at anytime you cannot urinate renal colic has become a medical emergency and you MUST...
Why Do Kidney Stones Hurt So Much?
A kidney stone pain attack, also called "colic", is described as the most painful experience it's possible to live through. It's more painful than gunshot wounds, major surgery, broken bones, burns and even childbirth. The pain is...

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kidney stones hurt soo bad!! help ME!!!?
Q: im only 16 years old and i have a kidney stone (2mm) it hurts soo bad some1 help me!!!!!!!!!
A: The pain medicine idea sounds good, but if you can help dissolve it would be better.In Herbs of the Earth by Mary Carse, she lists under stones and gravel in the urinary system pertaining to kidneys and the bladder, that these are rare where apple cider or vinegar are a staple of the diet. (Note that this reference does not state whether the vinegar needs to be apple cider vinegar, but the brands in the health food aisle are organic and retain much better nutrients than the processed brands.)The woman I work for now, says her daughter passed a kidney stone while pregnant (identified by a doctor) within 20 minutes of taking apple cider vinegar. The Braggs brand found in the health food aisle suggests to take 2 teaspoons in water with honey 3 times daily and there is another organic brand called Spectrum. +++++++++++++++++++++++++The Braggs in their book on apple cider vinegar suggest most apple cider vinegar is over processed which loses many nutrients. So the organic one again is highly recommended if you choose to try this.In Apple Cider Vinegar Health System by the Braggs 1985 or 34th printing, it states on p 21:A large number of kidney stones are of the type that can be dissolved with cider vinegar.Use cider vinegar freely on salads consisting of cabbage, carrots, celery, beet root, tomatoes, green onions, parsley, cucumbers. Eat prunes, raisins, apples, at the same meal with the cider vinegar on the salad.+++++++++++++++++++++Note that neither citation above guarantees that this will work for you, but it may.Mistodayhttp://www.compleatmother.com/womens-health/kidney/kidney-stone.shtml
How do u get kidney stones, and how bad does it hurt when u got to piss one out???
Q: I was just wonderin. Im 18, and in college, and I drink a lot of coffee. Everyone tells me coffee caused kidney stones, but Im not sure.
A: There are many causes of kidney stones, which can be composed of minerals (calcium) or organic substances (uric acid). Consuming too much milk or foods rich in Vitamin D, certain disorders (gout), overactive parathyroid glands, and urinary tract infections all can contribute to stone formation. Drink plenty of water, and watch your diet by avoiding lots of milk. I haven't heard of coffee being a culprit, but watch the amount of milk you use ( especially if you exercise and sweat a lot - you need to replenish the water).A kidney stone is extremely painful,, especially when trying to pass it. Nausea and vomiting, as well as a severe, sharp pain in the back will indicate a stone. Urinating green-colored urine, or bloody urine, is a sure sign of a stone. However, many people can have stones while being asymptomatic. It's when it moves down the urinary tract that the pain arrives.I've had a stone - excruciating is a mild description of the pain. Hope this helps.
does passing a kidney stone hurt really bad?
Q: i THINK i have a kidney stone. my back hurts like crazy, i threw up yesterday and it hurts when i go to the bathroom. now i'm drinking tons of water, and i want the stone to pass(if i have one) but don't know if it'll hurt. (btw, does getting the shock wave thing to crush it into little pieces hurt?)
A: The passing of the stone is bad, but you might have a kidney infection and not a stone so see a doctor. They give painkillers for kidney stones, but an infection needs antibiotics. Don't play around see someone now.Most kidney stones are small enough to pass on their own so I don't know about the shock wave thing, I think they have to be a certain size before they use that.

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