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Does your stomach hurt if your pregnant

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Yes, pain and cramping are very normal during pregnancy. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-your-stomach-hurt-if-your-pregnant ]
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Does You Your Stomach Hurt If You Are Pregnant??
No, your stomach should not hurt if you are pregnant unless you are having complications. But your stomach may fell tight and you may feel as though you need to crunch over. But it should not be pain more of just a discomforting feeling.
Why does my stomach hurt?
You are pregnant with the anti-christ.
Is she pregnant? && also, does your stomach hurt severely...?
Pains that bad wouldn't be early signs of pregnancy. She is much to young to be doing this, yous even said it yourself, yous are clueless! Even if she had sex 3 weeks ago, conception wouldn't have occurred straight away, which would make yo...

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When you are pregnant does your stomach hurt at the bottom? ?
Q: When you are pregnant does your stomach hurt at the bottom?
A: It changes and not all women feel the same way.Basically you might experience some uneasiness in your lower abdomen when the uterus starts preparing for the developing embryo, or you might feel a little queasy. This usually passes after a few months, and you will gradually feel the weight of the pregnancy and its effects.
Does your stomach hurt when you push on it even a little bit if youre pregnant?
Q: I missed a couple of pills so i'm not quite sure if i am so i just wanted to know if when you push on your stomach will it hurt if you are pregnant...
A: Not that early. Gets a bit tender after a few months when baby gets bigger but that's not a pregnancy symptom I've experienced.
When pregnant does your stomach hurt alot but not constantly ??
Q: Just to ask because I am pregnant and my stomach hurts alot like a little cramps.
A: I'm 9w3d, and my stomachs starting to cramp a little more than it did in the early beginning. It's just growing pains. As long as you don't have any bleeding with it, you should be ok. It's a pain, but it comes with the territory.

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