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Does bleach kill hepatitis c

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Bleach can kill hepatitis c but can only be used on non-living surfaces, do not use it for a treatment. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-bleach-kill-hepatitis-c ]
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Does Bleach Kill The Hepatitis C Virus?
Yes. Bleach can kill just about everything. i use it with a water solution to keep the germs out of my day care. But with everything going green I'll be needing some help myself. Bleach when used correctly will kill aids. Do not inject blea...
Does clorox bleach kill hepatitis c?
it really just sloughs off the hcv infected blood. bleach is a cleansing agent...it cleans, but does not kill hcv infectious virons. if your using bleach to cleanse syringes, if it can't get into grooves, you can get hcv infection.

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At what temperature will the Hepatitis C virus be inactivated?
Q: I would like to disinfect utensils and dishes that are used by persons who have hepatitis C, perhaps using a dishwasher. Bleach has been said to be an effective way of killing the virus, but this is impractical for dishes and eating utensils. Is it possible at temperatures reachable by a dishwasher to inactivate the hepatitis C virus?But if a person were to bleed just a bit onto utensils or dishes, that would be a big risk. Hence, back to my original question.
A: Relax. The first answer was correct. You can not get hepatitis C that way. It is not transmitted by saliva or by casual contact. You can not get hepatitis C by sharing eating utensils, dishes, or drinking glasses, and you can not get it from any other casual contact. Hepatitis C is transmitted by infected blood. You would need to get infected blood INTO your bloodstream through a bleeding wound or a needle stick. (It is most commonly transmitted by sharing needles for drug use.) The only precautions you need to take when living with someone who has hepatitis C are: Do not share razors or toothbrushes with people who have Hep C, as these items could have blood on them, and the virus could stay alive on them for up to 4 days. Also, when helping someone who has hepatitis C deal with a bleeding injury, always wear gloves. As I said above, you can not get hepatitis C from sharing eating utensils, dishes, or drinking glasses, or by kissing, or by casual contact. It is not transmitted by saliva. It is only transmitted by blood.

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