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Can you swim with a yeast infection

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If you're using Monistat to treat your yeast infection, you may go swimming 9-12 hours after using Monistat. This lets it absorb. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-swim-with-a-yeast-infection ]
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Can you swim with a yeast infection?
It is probably best to avoid inserting anything into the vagina — including a penis, finger, or tampon — when a woman has a yeast infection, because this may cause the infection to further irritate the vagina. Swimming is not a problem, but...
Is it okay to swim with a yeast infection
In my opinion no, besides the hygiene factor this has more to do with the fact that if you plan on swimming in a pool of some kind, the chlorine will kill off beneficial bacteria in and around your vagina. This will allow the yeast to devel...
Can I Go Swimming With a Yeast Infection?
Do you need an answer to the question, "Can I go swimming with a yeast infection?" then read on... Many people end up dealing with a yeast infection at some point in their life. The most common type is the vaginal infection, and ...

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Is it safe to swim in a chlorinated pool when you have a yeast infection?
Q: That may be a ridiculous question but I'm just curious. I haven't been officially diagnosed as having a yeast infection (and I've never had one) but I'm almost positive that it's what I have. But as most of you probably know, it's EXTREMELY hot outside and I'd love to take advantage of my pool... Any thoughts?Thank you to all the WOMEN who answered my question with honest advice. I appreciate it. :D
A: Yes. Just make sure you wash your bathing suit and towel after, and make sure you dry your parts really well.The heat probably contributed to you getting the yeast infection, so cooling down will make you feel less itchy. But do get monistat or canesten and treat the damn thing!
Swim Class + Period + Yeast Infection...?
Q: OMG!!! The WORST THING EVER!!!!! RAWR!!!!! What would you suggest in this situation:I have a yeast infection (so no tampons), and I just got my period. I'd use pads, except I have a SWIMMING CLASS! HELP!!!!!screw you mother nature...
A: Sorry, but I would say cancel the class. If you've got a yeast infection that you're treating (hopefully you're treating it!), AND you've got your period, you're right...no tampons. But naturally you cannot swim with pads, so there's really no alternative but to skip class this time around. Sorry.
Every time I go swimming, I get a yeast infection. How can I prevent this?
Q: How can I prevent the water from going up my vagina and causing a yeast infection? I live near the ocean and I love to swim, but ever since I started taking the Pill, I get a yeast infection every time I go swimming. Please help!
A: When you're done swimming, change out of your swimsuit!!!! Sitting in that wet suit is a breeding ground for yeast to grow. Dry off immediate and change into some cotton undies!

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