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Can you survive swine flu

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So far, most humans who have contracted swine flu are on the road to recovery. As of 4/28 11am EDT, there are 64 cases in the US. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-survive-swine-flu ]
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Can you survive swine flu?
Oh the one mixed with like 3 other flues yes of course just take it easy and rest Drink water. This flu is also currently treatable with some medicines on the market today if it gets to that point.
How to Survive Swine Flu
・ 1 Once you are diagnosed, make sure you have no further contact with anyone. If possible, ask the doctor... ・ 2 If you can, have someone pick up your prescribed medicines, kleenex with aloe, soup, 2 gallons of water... ・ 3 You go home and...
How to Survive the Swine Flu Pandemic
Reports of human cases of influenza A (H1N1) continue to surface worldwide. A pandemic flu, this virus has the potential to kill hundreds of thousands worldwide if not properly contained and treated. Here, the 411 on this 911 outbreak.

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how long can swine flu survive outside of the body?
Q: Hypothetically, how long can swine flu survive outside of the body? Would if it were deposited on a piece of food through coughing/sneezing/hand touching, how long could it survive on that piece of food?Thanksif you ate food sneezed on by someone who had swine flu, would the swine flu be destroyed in your stomach or would you get infected?
A: Depends. One or two days on non-porous hard surfaces, 15 minutes on dry paper tissues, and about 5 minutes on skin.A virus by itself with no living human cells to infect is defenseless. Ordinary ubiquitous surface bacteria will beat it up, like a child molester dropped into a prison's general population. On a rough-and-tumble surface like the human skin it's lifespan is short.
How far would you go to survive swine flu?
Q: Ok here's the scenario: You're trapped in a room with a cloth and a sick family who you don't know, you have a machine gun and their are two medipaks but the family need them to survive?Who's it gonna be. You or them?Oh and here's some additional information: One of those people is your beloved sister and she is terribly ill.
A: three words for you:blow them away
After our close brush with death in the bird flu outbreak, will we survive swine flu?
Q: It wasn't too long ago the world's press was talking about bird flu potentially taking millions of lives. So will this swine flu be the same? British papers are calling it a potential pandemic, which is a bit strong considering the country has reported only 2 cases, and they are both on the road to recovery.
A: I don't know about you, but I BARELY survived Y2K and the MRSA virus, and don't get me started on how much time I spent curled up the basement, rocking back and forth terrified by the number of people dying around me from the "superbug" and the Avian Flu.Also, don't forget all the computers I've crashed due to the multitude of computer viruses I attained, simply from checking my facebook.Ok, maybe the latter is true, but it wasn't "facebook" i was checking. Who wants to raid the pharmacy with me! wooot! lets take advantage of mass panic!

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