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Can you pull a muscle in the middle of your chest

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Yes, you can also sprain the muscles of the chest walls and ribs by lifting heavy objects, and doing very strenous activitie MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-pull-a-muscle-in-the-middle-of-your-chest ]
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How do grow muscle in the middle of your chest?
you can't because the section imbetween your left and right pec is bone, the way to work the inside part of your chest that is muscle is with close grip benches and dips and dumbbell flyes
How to build muscle in the middle of my chest?
More concentration and less masturbation should do it besides listen to all those answered above... But, you should give me the best answer because I was more caring about you and stuff,,, Thanks!
How to you gain muscle in the middle of the chest??
There is no muscle on the actual sternum... your muslces attach on either side of the sternum. You can, however, build up your chest (pectoralis major) muscles so that they will be larger, and fill out more of your chest with a muscular phy...

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Can push ups pull a sternum chest muscle?
Q: I actually have two questions1) can push ups and exercises pull a chest sternum muscle?2) what does a pulled sternum feel like, im breathing in completely an the middle of my chest just below my ribs really hurts like its bruised
A: I think it's a possibility for push ups to pull your sternumand when I pulled my sternum it felt like sharp pains in my chest and hurt whenever I ate or drank :) x
Any remedies for pulled a muscle in my chest?
Q: I have pulled my muscle on the left side of my chest from constantly lifting my toddler who has a bad cold. My arm aches from the starting of my wrist, all the way up to the middle of my chest. IT Hurts!! And I am worried about how I will take care of her tommorow. I can barely lift it. Any ideas to soothe pain would be appreciated,thanks
A: Heat is probably your best bet. Heat gets the blood to come to the area of injury to get it to heal. Also, you can take tylenol or an NSAID like Aleve or Motrin (Naproxen or ibuprofen) to help with the pain and any swelling you may have.
I pulled my chest muscle?
Q: Okay so i have sore pain in the middle of my chest and the outsides kinda. If i push out my chest it feels sore. Did I just pull a muscle?
A: You can sprain the muscles of the chest walls and ribs by lifting heavy objects, and doing very strenuous activities that overuse the muscles. Anti-inflammatories may help. Anxiety and tension may cause pain, especially in the left breast which can last from moments to weeks. Radicular pain from irritated nerves or arthritis of the ribs may also contribute to pain in the chest which would result in tenderness upon touching. An xray of the chest and ribs help to diagnose this condition. You should see an orthopedist if you suspect any these conditions.

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