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Can you pop cold sores

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It is not a good idea to pop or pick at a cold sore. Doing so extends healing time and could spread the germs more easily. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-pop-cold-sores ]
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How do you prevent cold sores?
yes u could have got it and it prolly was herpes. One of the worst STD's out there because there is no cure. go get checked now and NEVER share a ciggy or have unprotected sex!
How to Stop a Cold Sore
・ 1 The menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil in the Vicks works for many skin ailments. Even a generic brand... ・ 2 Keep the Vicks with you. As soon a that tingly, cold sore feeling starts, apply the ointment. I keep... ・ 3 If the sore has a...
What do you do about a cold sore?
before the sore comes up u'll feel the tingling thats when those creams from the chemist work, but if the sore has already started to come out then not much can be done, for swellin an ice cube on ur lip can take some of the swellin down. I...

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if i pop my cold sore with a sterilized needle and then clean all the stuff inside and sterilize my entire lip?
Q: would the cold sore still spread ?even if i take a shower after ?
A: Pop it and chances are it would get infected and spread. a shower isn't going to change anything. cold sores are Herpes Simplex witch lasts forever and stays dormant in your body.
how do i pop a cold sore?
Q: i have this nasty cold sore inside my mouth and its driving my crazy!how do i pop it without it hurting?
A: dont pop it use abreava it works amazing it will be gone in a day!
Would a cold sore pop up because of hormonal changes [my period]?
Q: i started my period sunday then monday woke up with a cold sore. grr if one of them isn't bad enough. i have both at the same time!is there a connection or just a coincidence?the cold sore is on my lip.just to clear things up.
A: Yes, menstruation is listed as a possible precipitator in addition to factors like low immune system, exposure to sunlight, stress etc. Some people find that taking lysine regularly will prevent future occurences. Be careful about foods high in argine.MeditatorCold Sore Infohttp://www.coldsorelip.com

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