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Can you live without your stomach

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Yes, you can live without your stomach. The surgury to remove your stomach is called a Gastrectomies. Have a good day! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-live-without-your-stomach ]
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Can you live without your stomach?
Pepperdine student Naomi Munoz and her mother walked into the offices of the USC Medical Surgeons. Munoz’s difficulty swallowing food and frequent upset stomachs had progressively worsened since they began at age 14. Now 19 years old, she...
Is it possible to live without stomach?why?or why not?
Yes, it's definitely possible. The intestines are what actually digest food and bring nutrients into the blood stream. The stomach is primarily for storage to allow food to digest slowly over time, which is not entirely essential. People wi...
Did you know that human can live long without stomach, gall bladd...?
Gallbladder. The gallbladder acts like a storage tank for bile (a bitter, greenish yellow liquid composed in part of cholesterol, bile salts, and bile pigment) Bile is made in the liver and travels through the hepatic duct to be stored and ...

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How long can someone live without a stomach lining?
Q: My husband just found out he has a bacteria that is eating his stomach lining. He and I wanted to know how long could someone live without a stomach lining??
A: Talk to the doctor about that.Good luck.
can you live without a stomach?
Q: Can u live without a stomach?
A: no , but a parcel ,yes
how can an adult live without his stomach and all the way down?
Q: I saw this man and he had his chest up. He walked and ran on his arms.
A: Maybe in your dreams. He has to have a way of taking in nutrition, or he wouldn't have the energy to do what you say he did.

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