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Can you get AIDS if someone with AIDS spits in your eye

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Although saliva can contain HIV and AIDS, it is very unlikely that you would get HIV or AIDS from someone spitting in your eye. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-aids-if-someone-with-aids-spits-in-your-eye ]
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Can you get aids if someone spits in your eye?
Hello amzizhott, It is possible to contact the HIV in the saliva of a person who is infected and the mucous membrane of the eye is a possible portal of entry. However, the Centers for Disease Control considers this possibility a very low ri...

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if someone has AIDs and a spit ball flies in ur eye can u catch aids?
A: salivia usually doesnt contain the disease (like you know how you cant get it from kissing unless you both have open wounds in your mouth and then you might get it).so no.
if someone with AIDS/HIV....?
Q: coughs on you can you get aids?coughs/spits/touches your eyes can u get aids?uses the same toilet seat as you, can you get aids? thanks, school project.
A: NO; only through exchange of body fluids(blood, semen,vaginal fluids etc.) .
if a guy that has aids or is hiv positive , spit by accident in ones eye, can one get aids?
Q: I need clarification on this subject, this happened to me a guy with aids that he said he did, was speaking about 3 feet from me, is there any posibility?
A: No, HIV is not transmitted through saliva.

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