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Can drinking bottled water give you cancer

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Drinking bottled water will not give you cancer. Experts at Johns Hopkins/FDA say the accused chemicals aren't in plastic bottles [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-drinking-bottled-water-give-you-cancer ]
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Can drinking out of frozen water bottles give you cancer??
That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life. You have more chances of knocking a tooth out doing that than getting cancer. Whoever told you this is full of it. That is not true at all.
Does Drinking Bottled Water Increase Your Chances of Cancer??
An email is making its way around that claims that bottled water drastically increases your chances of getting cancer. The matter hinges on whether the plastic bottles that the water is held in is made of dangerous chemicals, specifically B...
Is it a hoax that bottled water left in a car cause breast cancer...?
I haven't been able to find a specific rebuttal, but I'm extremely confident that's an urban myth. I presume the theory is that direct sunlight and hence the heat of an enclosed car would cause a (apparently breast-specific) carcinogen to...

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Can you get cancer from drinking bottled water that has sat in a hot car?
A: lmfao
can you get cancer from drinking bottled water left in your car?
A: The issue here is that the carcinogenic chemicals locked up in the plastic can leach into your beverage. Excess heat and sunlight increase this effect. Toxic chemicals leaching from plastic into the food/beverage have been known for at least 20 years (i read it in Scientific American about a PhD researcher doing tests). That is why companies like Nalgene have made money selling "safe" plastic.Currently we have (arguably) 50:50 chance of getting cancer in our lives. You need to ask the question are you ok with the risk. The issue is that our modern lives are full of carcinogens. Hence the high cancer rate. It is hard to eliminate all of them. Some folks smoke, drink, eat junk and work in a nuclear plant and are happy. Some folks are genetically pre-disposed to get cancer. You need to make a life style decision on how much work you want to do to assess the risk and take action.As a general rule things that humans evolved to live with are safe e.g. air/sand/water/trees. Things that our bodies have not evolved to live with are toxic e.g. Plutonium, PCBs, etc. If there is a lot of cancer deaths in the family then there might be some genetic factors.
Will drinking a warm bottled water eventually cause cancer?
Q: They said it causes cancer if you left the bottled water for a while to become warm because the chemicals of the plastic will melt to the water.
A: No. This idea is considered a hoax started by internet emails:http://www.cancer.org/docroot/MED/content/MED_6_1x_Reusing_Plastic_Water_Bottles.asp

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