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Can a cat allergy cause a sinus infection

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Allergies that cause nasal symptoms (sneezing, itching) can lead to sinus infection if not treated. Most common in hay fever. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-cat-allergy-cause-a-sinus-infection ]
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Will allergies to cats cause sinus infection?
Yes. Unchecked allergy symptoms can turn into infections. See your doctor.

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Will allergies to cats cause sinus infection?
Q: (Fever)(99.9,100.4)Runny nose.Week.Tired.Sore throat.Ear ache.
A: Yes. Unchecked allergy symptoms can turn into infections. See your doctor.
when you have a sinus infection is it a good idea to live in a house that has 7 animals and i have allergies?
Q: ok this is whats going on lol i have a sinus infection my second one in three weeks and just to let you guys know im a hypochondriac now when i first got it i went to the doctor and he gave me a z-pac its a type of antibiotic but the way that works is that it gives you a 30 days worth of dosage in 5 days ad hey told me to pick up some alevert that's a sinus pill over the counter but but anyways this is the longest i have every had a sins infection well it can back again but my real question is that i live with my girlfriend and her parents and im 18 years old they have 6 animals 2 dogs and 5 cats i i have been living here for about 9 months and if you guys know what sinus draining is well imagine doing it for 9 months but when i go outside i feel fine when i wake up in the morning i feel like crap btw i went to the doctor on 4/14/09 and that's when he told me my sinus infection was back but not bad its really all clear snot sorry not trying to be gross but by me having allergies and a sinus infection will that make me feel even worse than i should by living with 6 animals and knowing that i have allergies and will it take longer for me to get better and if that comes into effect can hat trigger another sinus infection really easy cause honestly i feel like crap and i don't know what else to do bu move into some that was offered that has not animals or pet dander anywhere in he house
A: I recommend taking Claritin D 24 every day. It will reduce the swelling and let you live among things you are allergic to. That's what I do.Besides the pollen might be the main cause- not so much the animals.
What could be causing the stabbing pain in my larynx?
Q: I have nasal polyps and lately the nasal drip has been worse than usual because ive been eating dairy and the air conditioner is on and throwing dust about. Cleaining is useless as there is a cat and dog here whose dander is always flying about. Vaccuming doesnt help. For the past couple of days ive been having stabbing pain right where the larynx is located. Ive been to doctors who have said allergies/sinus infection/polyps are the cause of the congestion. Could this also be causing this recent stabbing pain? The antibiotics have not helped.
A: Try calling your doctor and asking him if you need to be seen..

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