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Can a baby be born with cancer

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Yes, a baby can be born with cancer. Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death in children. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-baby-be-born-with-cancer ]
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Can a baby be born with cancer?
Yes, it can happen. My son E was born with a Wilms' Tumour (also called a nephroblastoma). It's a form of childhood kidney cancer typically found in children 3 years of age and younger. He was diagnosed before he was a month old, had the ba...
Can a baby be born with throat or lung cancer?
I have a friend I'm trying to talk into quitting smoking and she told me that a baby can be born with throat or lung cancer. I know that babies can be born with cancer, but can they be born with throat or lung cancer? I thought those wer...
Is it safe for my new born baby to stay with my dad who is cancer...?
Hiya, It will be/is perfectly safe for your baby to spend time with his grandad. My best friend is going through chemo now, and she has a 2 year old. The only time the doc said she shouldn't get too near pregnant women or babies is when she...

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can a baby be born with cancer?
Q: A friend of mine's wife just got back from the doctor, and they're both in hysterics. they were told that their unborn baby has brain cancer. is this even possible? i told them to seek out a second opinion.D: does anyone know if it's treatable?? this is their first child!
A: Yes babies can be born with cancer, but it is rare thank goodness. Sometimes it is treatable. I have seen cases where surgery is done while still in the womb. This cannot be done at just any hospital though. Your friends should get a second opinion from a teaching hospital as they are most likely capable of doing this kind of procedure and they are used to handling unusual cases.
Baby born without breast cancer gene? Are designer babies on the way? ?
Q: "Good morning madam, How can I help you today?""I would like a daughter please""Certainly madam and what are your requisites?""I would like her to be a brunette with a maximum height of 5ft 7inches, size 8, blue eyes, Birth sign a Leo, IQ 120 and genetically impossible to reproduce Please"How would you design your child?
A: lol, sounds like me but i don't have blue eyes.you even put the same star sign and the exact IQ score.yeh my parents had me by pure chance.i would design my baby to look like a dinosaur.and maybe if it can breathe fire.
If a woman is pregnant and has cancer will the baby be born with cancer too?
A: No. Cancer is not contagious. If it is cervical cancer, then there is a chance the baby could have HPV, though the chance is low. Check with your doctor.

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