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Can 13 year olds have heart attacks

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Yes, in fact there was a 13 year old baseball player who suffered from a heart attack in 2008. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-13-year-olds-have-heart-attacks ]
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Is it possible for a 13 year old to have a heart attack??
Yes it is very possible, theses days heart attacks are sparing no age group. The main cause is an underlying congenital anomaly, in most cases.

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Can 12/13 year olds have heart attacks?
Q: Huh...mkay.Suppose I have a pulled mustle in my chest? Crap, it started wean I heard something on TV and I keep thinking my left arm is gonna go numb...sheesh
A: Unlikely, but its technically possible at any age. It is the cause that is usually different. At older ages it is due to heart disease or clogged arteries and the like, normally. There are diseases and disorders that can cause it regardless of age, however, it is far more rare.
Can a 13 year old have a heart attack?
Q: if so, what could be the possible problems? also i've been feeling chest pains, on the left side, and yesterday it was a strong one, today it just started but not really painful!i dont wanna die yet!it has stopped, but i dont wanna die yet
A: You shouldn't have one YET if never ever had any cardiac problems in your life, altough it's possible it's very unlikely. Chronic anxiety is more likely at your age which causes the same symptoms and also shortness of breath and a helpless sensation of inminent death, anyways you should visit your Doctor.
How likely is it for a 13 year old girl to have a heart attack, or something related to that?
Q: Someone I know has told me that she hasn't been feeling good lately. Her left arm felt wierd one day, then another day her right arm kinda went numb for a few minutes. The same day her right arm went numb she felt like she was going to throw up...but couldn't. And when she was going to stand up, she got real dizzy and couldn't see for a few moments.Well, she is overweight, and seriously stressed out. I know that much. A lot of relatives on her fathers side smoke around her. That's one of the things that makes her really ticked.
A: Those symptoms could mean a number of things, but it's not healthy no matter what it is. I guess it's possible to have a young heart attack, but it doesn't seem very likely. Either way, she should see a doctor soon.

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