Tigers Sign Fielder – Just as I Predicted!

by on March 7th, 2015
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On the 20th I dared to post a brief message on the Detroit Tigers’ Yahoo Message Board to say I wondered if Dave Dombrowski was considering signing Prince Fielder. Today, it appears he was and has taken this step. OH YEAH!

Victor Martinez protected Miguel Cabrera as well as provided his own knock out punches on plenty of occasions. With his injury, 2012 could be a season of wasted opportunity. Cabrera, Verlander, and so many of the Tigers are in their prime and signed in some cases only thru 2012. The hope and realistic expectation is there that Brennan Boesch, Alex Avila, Delmon Young, Ryan Raburn, Austin Jackson, and perhaps Andy Dirks would step-up to the challenge of filling in for the loss of V-Mart, but it was a gamble. Fielder doesn’t mean the other players won’t step up and become better, but the pressure and necessity of doing so is reduced.

By signing Fielder the dream for 2012 to be a big year lives on. Financially I think he fits. V-Mart’s contract is probably partially insured, Carlos Guillen and Magglio Ordonez are off the books, as well as Brad Penny – perhaps as much as $30 million has been lopped off the payroll, although some of it has been replaced by rising salaries for the young players, there would seem to be some wiggle room.

In 2013 with V-Mart back a huge 1-2-3 punch looks all the more awesome, and may lead to a back-to-back trip to the Series! Of course, getting there is the first step and preserving the outlook, the mood, and the anticipation is all part of the plan that I think Mr. Dombrowski has shrewdly crafted.

What Tiger fan can’t wait to see this year’s line-up as well as the following year’s. If pitching progresses with the addition of one or two new stars from the minors this club really is a team to contend with even with the improvements made in Texas, California and New York.

Will Cabrera move to 3rd or left field? I’d look for the move to 3rd if Andy Dirks looks like he is ready to play. Then, I’d expect Delmon Young to primarily fill the DH role. If Dirks isn’t ready to be a full-time player, then we might see Cabrera move to left or right field so that a transition to Nick Castallanos can be smoothly made in 2013. Or, will we simply see some rotation of where each of the big three hitters plays? Is it even being considered to move Castellanos back to shortstop? Would Jhonny Peralta become a second base option? Is Ryan Raburn possibly better suited to play more regularly in the outfield? (Wow, the Tigers really do have some flexibility!)

Having this much flexibility makes adding Fielder a much easier decision, and I for one am happy they did. Way to go Tigers! I’m excited. Fielder is a great addition.

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