Tailgating Symphony

by on January 24th, 2011
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The leaves create an earth-toned rainbow in the wind as they blow
As the wind composes a symphony for the fall
The leaves are instruments, for the music before the show
The weather truly gives the park an autumn glow
Dad’s party in the back of his truck is a tradition with our football

The crisp scent of the season mingles with our barbecue fare
The chatter and laughter of all the gang mixes in to the symphony of Mother Earth
A light drizzle slowly overtakes the air
But the gray skies give us no reason to despair
Big city football just can’t prove its worth

A hard earned victory for our hometown pride
Underdogs defeat big city rival
The boys are getting rowdy and watching recaps inside
We’re in the kitchen, preparing to cook, popcorn balls we decide
All this, and our pumpkin hued light bulbs too, contributes to the symphony’s revival

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