Soulful Deliverance

by on February 8th, 2011
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As my internal choir sings, I hear
“Amazing grace how sweet the sound”
My heart speaks comfort me
For these lessons from your brokenness are becoming more profound
When I have wanted to touch the sky the most
On my knees, I have fallen closer to the ground
In the mirror, my sins run a story reel in front of me
While the demons of my past utter “this time you must face me”
Therefore, I face the truth without reluctance in order to feel my soulful deliverance
And suddenly I become friends with the real me and turn off all sense of self pity
For I shall now walk through life with a renewed sense of contentment
I am beautiful me and I shall not let any unfortunate circumstances completely discourage me
For my soulful deliverance is the divine creators’ sacred gift to me

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