Snake Pumpkin Carving Patterns for Halloween

by on January 24th, 2011
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Snakes might not be a traditional Halloween symbol, but they certainly are scary enough creatures to justify carving one into your pumpkin this year.

Snake Stencils

Diamondback: Extreme carving pattern of a diamondback snake. This stencil is only available for Bonus Members of the JP Jammin Pumpkin website. It cost $20 to join as a bonus membership. But that membership gives you access to the entire site and lets you download and print out up to 350 carving patterns.

Cobra: A challenging shaded carving pattern of a cool cobra snake. It costs one pattern credit from Stoneykins.

Rattler: This is another challenging design from Stoneykins. It is an Image of a hissing rattlesnake. It also costs one credit pattern.

Slithering Skull: Challenging stencil of a fierce skull that has a large snake wrapped around and slithering through its mouth and eye socket. It costs one credit pattern to download and print.


Beetlejuice Snake: Zombie Pumpkins has a pumpkin pattern of the movie character Beetlejuice as a snake.

Escape from New York: This isn’t of the slithering animal but of actor Kurt Russell as “Snake” in the movie Escape from New York. Even though it’s a little off-topic, he’s just too cool not to mention here.

Other Halloween Ideas

Chuck E Cheese: The mouse mascot for the popular children’s place “where a kid can be a kid”.

Courage the Cowardly Dog: The Cartoon Network dog.

Dick Tracy: Image of fictional detective Dick Tracy.

Texas Rangers: Texas baseball team.

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