Review: Call of Duty Elite Mobile App

by on January 1st, 2015
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Let’s face it, people these days are always on the go so why not bring part of your favorite game with you? One promise that Activision made with the Call of Duty Elite service was a mobile application. Although it is now available – much later than the release of the latest Call of Duty itself – some people are unhappy.

While it is a nice touch, it is a rather simplistic mobile application, especially when compared to the Call of Duty Elite website, which is also not completely done, either (step it up, Activision!) Here is what the mobile application can do:

-Career Summary: Self-explanatory. In this menu players can see their Kill to Death Ratio, their Winning Percentage, hours played in certain game modes, their current level and prestige calculations (estimated play time till next prestige).

-Recent Matches: Also self-explanatory. In this mode players can view their past recent games played. Each game has some information about it: final score your kill to death ratio, etc. However, there are no heat maps.

-Custom Classes: This is my favorite part of the Call of Duty Elite mobile app – the ability to create your classes anywhere, and have them integrated into your classes on your video game console.

-Challenges: This portion is great for getting an idea on how far you’ve progressed in weapons challenges. However, it lacks descriptions for other challenges, such as “Basic Training” challenges. It tells you how far you are into a challenge, but now what the goal is of the challenge itself.

Despite the colossal potential for this mobile app, it is missing many things. Here are some examples:

-Friends List: You can search for players, but that’s it. Players’ friends list is not available in the menu.

-Heat Maps: By seeing where most of the action happens in a match on certain maps can help you in the future. This way you’ll know the hot spots and the choke points of maps.

-Clan Management: Self-explanatory. The regular Call of Duty Elite site doesn’t have much for this, either.

-Titles/Emblems: Players cannot check or change their acquired emblems and titles.

-More stats!: One thing all gamers love is stats. Treyarch did it right in the previous Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Black Ops; stats were immense and deep. This Call of Duty, especially the mobile application, lacks it severely.

-Comparative Stats: In the mobile app, gamers cannot compare their stats to another specific player.

-Leaderboards: In-depth leaderboards that are can be divided by game mode and sought after stats.

Overall, it’s a nice perk to the Call of Duty Elite, but it could’ve been (and still can be) so much more.

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