‘Once Upon a Time’

by on September 14th, 2010
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Once Upon A Time I was lonely and scared, The dreams that haunted was that no one really cared.

I looked up to the stars in remembrance of my whole life, and longed to breathe again, but was strangled by its strife.

So I lay down and slumber in dark and lonely nights, remembering days there used to be brighter lights

And like whispers in the wind my soul would always soar to the aching need of comfort of love and nothing more.

Come to my rescue, oh angels of the Lord and guide me to where my spirits longs to implore

And in the silent moments of prayerful thought and mind, the memories of those lighted days fill the moment’s time.

Then by the grace and glory of God’s own timeless precious hand, the fears of night & day unfolded to wondrous land

Filled with gardens of roses praising God’s request, to be with Him and only then living life again.

So I hold the Lord to all of my heart and know I shall not die within

For its life’s passage that leads to love which cannot be forgotten, for those who love the Lord will never be forsaken.

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